What is OPS in baseball?
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Are you looking for a guide where you can know about each and everything related to the game baseball? It’s basics, rules, and regulations, and what is ops in baseball. Then you are on the right page.

In this piece, we will discuss all the basic things that you must know before going to watch a baseball game.

If you are well versed with the game or know the basics, at least you won’t be bored, among your friends. It doesn’t matter if you plan to watch the baseball match on your TV screens or are going out on the ground to witness the match. What matters the most is that you enjoy the match, and for enjoying the match, you should know at least some essentials about the same. Or else you would be just looking at your friend’s face throughout the match and would get bored. So, without any chit chat, let’s get started!

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Basics about the game

There are two teams, and each team has nine players. Whichever team scores, the maximum number of runs wins the game. 

Now, you might be wondering how they score points or runs. Then let me help you with that as well. 

The defense team plays out in the field, and they are situated in the field, and they have fielders spread all over the ground. Some in the outfield, some inside the infield

 That is in one player each in the outer field, that is one player in left field, center field, right field, 

Inside the infield, there are four players, one in the first base, the second player in the second base, the third player in the third base, and a shortstop in the middle of the third base and second base. 

Therefore, we can speak that there are seven players in the infield and the outfield. 

One player is placed at home plate and is called a pitcher. The last one is placed at the last one is called catcher, as it catches the ball that goes towards the pitcher. 

This is how all the defenders stand in the ground to stop the offenders from scoring points. 

Now, let’s talk about the other team; that is the offense.

On offense, one by one, the players go to the home plate, and they try to hit the ball as far as its possible. They try to hit the ball into the field, and they try to get on the base. 


This would become more clear with the help of an example. So, let’s say that the offense team player hit the ball into the field, on the left side, and the ball reached in the infield, then the offense team player can run to first base. After touching the first base, they can run to the second base, and then to the third, and after touching the third base, they can go back home. And after finishing the entire process, after reaching home, the team can score a point. 

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The offense team player cannot directly go to the second base or third base. The offense team player must start with the first base, and then move to second and third and then return to the house to score a run. 

I am confident that you would be wondering that this is such an easy game. 

All You need is practice

As you need a lot of practice, you should be well versed in various techniques of throwing the ball faster. Because then, only you would be able to score runs and would be able to gather points for your team. 

In case the offense team misses or swings the ball three times, the player would be considered OUT. Also, if you shoot the ball, and you start running towards the base, and by that time, the defender team player catches up the ball and hits you, or in case the ball reaches your pitch before you reach then in these cases as well, you would be considered OUT.

Well, there are a lot of rules in baseball. But there are the two most general rules, which everyone should know, as, based on these two rules, the scoring takes place. 

As soon as three players of the offense team get OUT, the defender’s team gets a chance to go for batting. 

So, this is how the game goes on, and scoring takes place. Also, not all the hits get the same number of points. Over here, the concept of OPS comes. We will also enlighten you with what is ops in baseball?

what is ops in baseball

All about the game. 

The game has nine innings. The nine innings are nine different segments or periods of the game. In each inning, there are two hats, that is, when one team is on offense and the other where when the other team is on offense. This cycle changes from one inning, or one is happening to the next when the team on offense gets three outs. There is no time restrain regarding how much duration one segment or one that will go on. 

At the end of the game scores are tallied. Team with the lead wins. 

If there is a tie in the game, both the teams play again for one inning, and then whichever team will have the maximum score will win the match. 

So, this is how the actual baseball game goes on, and these were just some basic rules; there are many more rules in the game. These were just the basics to get a rough idea of how a baseball game works and what exactly happens in the game. Now, many of you would be thinking that what is ops in baseball? So, without any further delay, let’s talk about ops in baseball.

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 What is ops in baseball?

Ops in baseball stand for On-base Plus Slugging and is a important term in baseball. It indicates a player’s ability to reach base and hit for power. Now you may think, how can one give points to a team based on a player’s performance. Then allow us to help you out on the same matter.

How to calculate OPS in baseball?

It is calculated based on the player’s on-base percentage and using the slugging average. 

The main aim of OPS is to give credits to the players that motivate them to hit the base and also top cover all the bases as soon as they can. This system also allows the team to find which player is playing and giving his best. As in a game, two players can have similar batting averages, but if one of the batsmen is hitting a bunch of doubles, triples, and homers, he provides more value at the plate. OPS gives more points to the second batsmen, who give a bunch of doubles, triples, and homers in such a situation. 

So, this is how OPS works, and this is why OPS is essential in the game

How is OPS in baseball counted? 

Now, let’s get back to the elephant point, how is OPS calculated?

OPS is nothing more than a basic formula. OPS is an arithmetic sum of OBG and SLG.


Over here, SLG stands for Slugging average, and OBP stands for On-base percentage. 

  There is again one formula to calculate OBP, 


It can be written as several trips to first base at least/ total plate appearances. 

Both, the formula gives the same value. 


Where TB stands for Total bases and AB symbolizes at-bats.   

You can calculate OPS using these formulae’s. The OPS system makes it easier for the referee of the match to keep the records. 


We have tried in the best way to help you with all with all the basic concepts. So we hope that this mini-guide will help you. We have made you understand two basic rules: the pillars of the game and have even told you about what is ops in baseball and the leading role of OPS. 

Now, you are ready to go and witness and enjoy a match. Now, you can understand the game without getting embarrassed. What precisely the players are trying to do, and how they are trying to make points for their team. 

If you are going to watch the match, don’t forget to take a bottle of water and some snacks. Also, do apply sunscreen before going to the match.


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