MLB rumors: Alex wants to win the trust of Baseball fans
MLB rumors: Alex wants to win the trust of Baseball fans

Alex Bregman said We know that won’t be easy but we feel the responsibility to do that.
Astros star infielder Alex Bregman hopes the signal stealing scandal will be a moment to be taught to his team.

Bregman had already apologized for the moment the position player reported to spring training on Monday.

But as the league players reported to each camp, the results continued. Bregman said he was not going to make excuses or point his finger at someone else about what was going on with the Astros.

The players have lost respect for the Astros and say they see the team differently. Don’t feel good about this group who are proud to be proud to pay homage to your peers.

One thing that makes the media important to the Astros is that It’s quite another thing that Mike Trout, Anthony Rendon, and Cody Bellinger speak with such emphasis.

MLB rumors: Alex wants to win the trust of Baseball fans
MLB rumors: Alex wants to win the trust of Baseball fans

They are players against the Astros, who have played a little bit over the years, and are the American Western League rivals with the Angels. Rendon and Bellinger have made two appearances for the Astros in the past three seasons.

On Monday, Bregman said he had received support from some players in the league, but he was not nodding to them.

Trout said some of the Astros contacted them to explain themselves or clarify media coverage, though he did not name which players.

Bregman said I really know me and have a lot of people who know who I am, they said they are here for me. I really appreciate it. It was roughly four months for everyone. I am trying to learn everything and grow.

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When asked how he felt about a player who was very vocal about his discomfort with what had happened, Bregman held the Astros accountable.

Bregman said I really don’t want to say anything about someone else. I just want to worry about my equipment. We put ourselves in that position.

I hope I can learn and work hard to regain the trust of baseball fans. We know it’s not easy, but we feel responsible for doing so.


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