justin verlander net worth

The moment it is about the dominant pitchers in Major League Baseball, not many names come to human mind as vividly as Justin Verlander. All of his feisty fastball and unbelievable control, Verlander has proved himself as the best of the game’s premier hurlers over the past decade. It is not only his athletic achievements , but Justin Verlander net worth off the diamond has also captured attention. With multiple recognitions and a heavy agreement under his name, let’s explore those in detail and dive into his net worth.

Born February 20, 1983
Age 49
Birthplace Manakin, Virginia, United States
Spouse Kate Upton
Profession Baseball Pitcher
High school Goochland High School
College Old Dominion University
Net Worth $71 Million


Athletic Journey

Verlander’s career in Old Dominion was not anything less than amazing. In his beginning year, he set a record by hitting out 17 batters in one match. This unbelievable attempt captured the attention of scouts from multiple Major League teams, and his net worth started building up. In 2004, the Detroit Tigers picked him as the 2nd all over choice in the MLB Draft.

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Net Worth

In 2019 Justin Verlander was the highest paid athlete all over the world. The Houston Astros took Justin Verlander in a 66 million dollar contract extension in March. This contract comes as an umbrella for the entire 2020 and 2021 seasons. At 33 million dollars, the pact is the highest level of average annual salary for a pitcher.

The factor of his multiple endeavours, attractive deals, and sharp witted investments, hence, it comes as no shock that Justin Verlander has managed to gather a certain amount as net worth. While the intact figures of 2023 are not disclosed anywhere yet, assumptions put Justin Verlander net worth at around 160 million dollars.

Verlander’s net worth can be ascribed to an amalgamation of facts. His income as an athlete, from his deals and incentives due to performance appraisal, have been fundamental. Moreover, his championship deals and business adventures have even increased his monetary status. Verlander’s capacity to increase earning from multiple origins has made an impact on his lucrative net worth.

Major Leagues of his career

Verlander pretty fast made his position in the Major Leagues. In his novice years in 2006, he won the American League Rookie of the Year Award, portraying his major talents. Although, it was in the later years when Verlander really turned into a major star.

From 2009 to 2012, Verlander experienced an increase of upper hand hardly seen in the new decade. He conquered the American League Cy Young Award in 2011 and was titled the league’s Most Valuable Player (MVP) in the exact season league. Verlander’s athletic skills were majorly inspiring, with his aggressive fastball and mesmerising cleaning pitches leaving hitters bewildered.

Verlander’s achievements stretched along the way to get piled up all through his journey. He has been titled an all-star on various events, and he led the league in strikeouts for four times. Moreover, adding onto this to his personal achievements, Verlander played an important part in the Houston Astros’ World Series winning in 2017, making sure his status as one of the most sophisticated pitchers.

Important Deals and Brand Endorsements

Justin Verlander’s achievements as an athlete have brought in a lot of money as rewards. In 2013, he went in for a stretch in the deal with the Tigers paying him $180 million over the course of seven years. This extension of the deal made him one of the most expensive pitchers ever in baseball.

In 2017, Verlander’s net worth rose when he shifted to the Houston Astros. The Astros found out his true worth and did not waste any time in making him stay with a new contract. Verlander also stayed back for two years making $66 million, making sure of his consistent appearance as the centre of the Astros’ pitching team.

Moreover, he has also gained a lot of money due to his stardom through brands and advertising. He has posed for multiple popular brands like Nike, Rawlings, and Chevrolet, which adds onto his handsome income. 

Investments and Business Strikes

Justin Verlander’s athletic income has made the base of his net worth, he has also portrayed ingenious monetary achievements outside the field. Just like multiple athletes, Verlander has explored his career through investments and business experiments.

justin verlander net worth

He has made intelligent investments in multiple sectors, which includes properties and tech. He has always been the one to make choices after identifying the promising chances and has made the base of his financial success. His business skills have without any doubt helped in increasing his total net worth.

Charitable work

Above all of his success in baseball and life, Justin Verlander is also famous for his charitable work. Verlander, with his wife, Kate Upton, formed the Wins for Warriors Foundation in 2016. The foundation helps veterans and their families.


Justin Verlander’s net worth is a statement to his mesmerising career and his financial statements stand as well. From the start of his career as a very promising pitcher in high school to his current level, Justin Verlander’s net worth journey is a story of steady focus and achievements. With very handsome contracts, advertisements, investments, and charity, Verlander has made his name as a unique pitcher but also a witty investor.