San diego padres should target 3 new agents in 2021 offseason
San diego padres should target 3 new agents in 2021 offseason

Baseball America announces new perspective on top 10 giants for 2020 season
Giants are aiming for the future. What a franchise is doing in the desert is example A.

The organization has begun construction of a new $ 50 million facility three miles from Scottsdale Stadium.

The facility will be ready when the minor league camp begins in March 2021. Bright new weight rooms and modern rehabilitation facilities. It seems like a great time for the Giants to do it.

San Francisco has one of the most improved agricultural systems in baseball. The Giants emphasize their young perspective, and for good reason.

Baseball America has released a new top 10 list of Giants outlook on Monday, which is highlighted at the age of 18.

San diego padres should target 3 new agents in 2021 offseason

Marco Luciano’s shortstop is ranked as the Giants’ best outlook by Baseball America. A teenage box player entered the 2019 season as Prospect Number 2 in San Francisco but jumped at catcher Joey Bart.

The top 10 in BA are Luciano, Bart, Center Fielder Elliott Ramos, Center Fielder Hunter Bishop, Fielder Alexander Canario, Three Base Hands Luis Trivio, Pitcher Sescoly, Fielder Luis Matos, Pitcher Sean Jell and Box Player Mauricio Dubon.

Luciano is a big winner for the Giants’ new perspective. The BA last updated the Top 100 list in October, with Luciano ranking 63rd overall in baseball behind Bart and Ramos. Luciano could be one of the best in sports when they update that list.

The other two giant skyscrapers are Collie and Matos. Collie, a left-handed pitcher who did not turn 21 until the age of 11, won the South Atlantic Lee Grandcher of the Year after winning Augusta Green Jackets in Class A. 122 2/3 innings to 172 batters.

According to BA, Collie has entered the 2019 season as the Giants’ 20th outlook. It looks like an ace of the future, and if healthy is likely to rise quickly on the farm system.