Eddie Sutton legendary college basketball coach, who won more than 800 games and was the first coach to face four different schools in the NCAA men’s basketball tournament dies at age of 84.

According to the Reports, Sutton died at his home in south Tulsa, Oklahoma, and was surrounded by family members

All about the past life of Eddie Sutton:-

Eddie coaches basketball for 50 years at six different universities and a high school but is known for his successful career at Alma Mater, Oklahoma, and his controversial tenure in Kentucky.

He made to the final three times, and during his 37-season training at the Division I level, Sutton finished the season below 500 just twice. And his last season in Kentucky and a half-season in San Francisco. He is still in the top 25 in wins with 806.

About Eddie Sutton family:-

Sauton was elected to the College Basketball Hall of Fame in 2011. Sutton’s wife, Pasty, died in January 2013; Their marriage had been 54 years. Scott Sutton was the Oral Roberts head coach for 18 years and is the all-time winning basketball coach at the school. He was currently an assistant coach in the state of Oklahoma. Sean Sutton, who was an Oklahoma state coach for two seasons after his father left office, is now part of the Texas Tech coaching staff.

The tweet made by Rex Champan for Eddie Sutton:-

Eddie statement regarding the case logged:-

Sutton told, “who would send money that way? And somehow you open an overnight package?”

In 2005, the school announces that the court at Gallagher-Iba Arena will be called Eddie Sutton Court. “It’s an honor”.

About the retirement of Eddie Sutton:-

Sutton announced his retirement in 2006, three months after taking a leave of absence after a car accident. In which he got few injuries and cited for driving under the influence of alcohol. Sutton, admits that he lives with alcoholism.

“People in our country know a lot about alcoholism today, but they still know what the disease is, how it affects a person,” Sutton said at his retirement press conference.

Former NBA player Rex Chapman, who played with Sutton in Kentucky, called him “an incredible master of the game of basketball” in a tribute posted on Twitter. “I was lucky and lucky to have learn from him,” Chapman wrote.

Eddie Sutton was a charming and complex man. He was also an amazing teacher of the game of basketball.

About the coaching career of Eddie:-

Sutton played his college basketball at Oklahoma State with Henry Iba and began his coaching career as an assistant for a season after graduation. After training several seasons of high school basketball in Tulsa, Sutton found himself in the men’s basketball program at the College of Southern Idaho College in 1967, called Southern Idaho Junior College.

Sutton moved to Crayton for five seasons, reaching the NCAA tournament in 1974. He spent 11 seasons in Arkansas, making the last four appearances in 1978 and an elite appearance the following season. He made the NCAA tournament in his last nine seasons with the Razorbacks.

Sutton’s best moment in Arkansas was possibly February 12, 1984, when his unstoppable Navajas defeated Michael Jordan. And defeated the undefeated North Carolina Tar Heels 65-64. The game aired nationally on NBC and featured renowned presenter Dick Enberg at the “Premium in Pine Bluff!” Celebration. The game is the only time in Arkansas basketball history when the Razorbacks defeated the AP No. 1 team.