To buy or not to buy Instagram likes

Let us face the truth that if you play the Instagram game by the copybook and venture ingathering likes organically, then you could face an uphill task. It takes time to build a loyal fan base and multiply likes that could throw you out of the competition. There are options for buying Instagram likes to overcome the problem and catch up with the competition. Now, some questions are floating around about how much worth it is to buy likes which smells of unethical practice. In this article, we will discuss the implications of buying Instagram likes so that you can decide whether to buy or not to buy Instagram likes.

The online space is fiercely competitive, and even though the sceptics are opposed to the idea that one can buy Insta likes. There is hardly any plausible explanation available that could convince you as to why you should not take shortcuts when you are desperately seeking better engagement on Instagram.Time could run out if you try to do it organically only.

In this article, we will discuss the implications of buying Instagram likes so that you can decide whether it would be good for you.

What drives people to buy Instagram likes

Likes create engagementwhich is the reason why people look upon it as the lifeblood of Instagram and other social media channels.  Most importantly, likes must create genuine engagement and herein lies the challenge. Another reason is the immense popularity of Instagram that has more than 1 billion active users that makes it the most engaging platform after Facebook. With 5% growth recorded per quarter, Instagram is the fastest growing social network that also bears testimony to the competition.  Every day you compete against 400 million stories, 95 million photos and many videos.  

Indeed, Instagram users are quite liberal in distributing likes as evident from them liking 4.2 billion posts per day, but to make it big on Instagram, you must do a lot of hard work.

Overcome the challenges of time

There are hundreds of tips available across the internet that can educate you about acquiring Instagram likes organically, and none of them is much tricky to implement. But it is a time taking process because to attain the desired level of skill that could increase the flow of likes, you must devote considerable time. And during this time the competition grows many more times to make things more difficult for you. 

The only way to keep pace with the competition is to accelerate the process of garnering likes. The best or perhaps the only way of doing it is to buy Instagram likes. Well, this might draw comparisons with doping in sports which despite all criticism and vigilantism still exists so also you can try your luck in enhancing Instagram engagement by buying likes.

Engagement linked to visibility

When you buy Instagram Comments and likes it accelerates your engagement rate as perceived by others, and this is very important for Instagram users because engagement is the top metric considered by Instagram for deciding your position on the Explore page.  Since your position on the Explore page is critical for drawing attention, the sudden spike in the number of likes through buying becomes very important for you.

Engagement linked to followers

If you look at the modality of working of the Instagram algorithm, it will not be hard to notice that there is a close connection between the number of followers and likes. Instagram evaluates your account and looks at the likes as well as the number of followers that you have when trying to understand the amount of influence you exert on the platform. For Instagram, both metrics are equally important. 

There must be a logical relation between the number of followers and likes, and never it should look skewed like someone having 90,000 followers but the posts hardly garnering 20-25 likes. The figures reveal that there is some problem. This could indicate that you have fake followers, and it can simply work against you on Instagram.

This is a point that you must take care when buying Instagram likes because the authenticity of likes matters the most and you must ensure that the followers are real and not just numbers created by using bot accounts.  Buy likes from companies that sell likes that are real human likes generated from high-quality accounts.

The rule of reciprocity

Likes are not objects that you can buy off-the-shelf, and you must understand the way Instagram treats likes and why it must be real and have humans behind it. The principle of Instagram is to create real engagement by following the rule of reciprocity which means it should begin by your liking some post so that it triggers a reciprocating action and results in that person give a like in return.  When buying likes, you must bear this in mind, and never should it appear like a one-sided affair that could make Instagram suspicious about your manner of acquiring likes and ultimately penalize you for unethical practice.

Keeping aside the question of ethics involved in buying Instagram likes, some bigger issues can arise from it.  While buying Instagram likes is now very easy as several companies sell it online with assured instant delivery as well as staggered delivery in phases, if you want, you must be aware of the possible outcome. Usually, two things can happen – there is no assurance that your engagement will grow, and you run the risk of facing an Instagram penalty or even if there is a temporary boost in engagement the risk of attracting penalty remains. Also, if the initial boost in engagement seems encouraging to maintain the momentum, you must repeat the buying and increase the risks many more times.

Finally, it boils down to the extent of risk that you are ready to take to become a hero on Instagram almost overnight by buying likes. If you can protect your brand reputation and know the ways of protecting your interest in a long-term engagement and have high risk-taking ability, you might try out your luck in buying likes. Your ability to analyze threats and opportunities should help to make the right decision.