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Top 5 Smartest Baseball Players

Many people assume that people who venture into sports do so because they are intellectually challenged. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Most of the greatest athletes in the world are actually very smart. In...

Phillips JT Realmuto named first all-MLB first team

The 2019 Phillips was a mixed bag. Still, J.T. Realmuto had the first year of all roses in Philadelphia, and the 28-year-old catcher earned some severe recognition from Major League Baseball on Tuesday, landing on the...

Astro and National combine for 10 selections on inaugural All-MLB teams

All-star selections are flawed as they only recognize the best players of the season from the first-half performances. Due to this flawed system, MLB brings you two sets of All-MLB teams who are the true best of...

Tingler on many topics; Kim’s chase; Point of rule 5 : Padres notes

Padres got a new manager. He is Jayce Tingler. Tingler addressed the media for the first time after being introduced. Jayce Tingler used to think about managing the games long before General Manager A....


Five motivations to disregard the NBA on Christmas Day

NBA Christmas Day action usually gives us a ton to look forward to. The elite match with the stars going against the...