Different rooms pick different flowers

The last article we introduced the living room as well as the bedroom flower selection tips, today I have compiled for you the study, kitchen, dining room flower selection tips, interested friends read on!

Study flower selection skills

Study is a place where people read and study, work, the main configuration of the study is a table and a chair, a large bookshelf, suitable for raising some small potted plants.

1, choose the plants that can set the mood

Study flowers should be selected to play a clean atmosphere of plants, such as ivy and bamboo, green potted plants can relieve visual fatigue, do not choose the colorful, fragrant flowers, so as not to affect attention.

2, choose plants that can refresh the brain

Scented flowers can not be selected, but with a light fragrance and quiet potted plants, or very suitable for placement in the study, such as orchids, plum blossoms, Mandarin orchids, a light fragrance helps refresh the brain.

3、Choose according to the size of the study

Study plants should not choose too many, large study can be kept on the bookcase pot of greenery, ivy, small study in the table on the pot of bamboo, calamus, nettle grass embellish it.

  • Select taboo.

1, do not choose plants that are prone to attract bugs

Raising flowers in the study is not recommended to choose the flowers that easily attract bugs, for example: chrysanthemums and moonflowers. Otherwise, these small bugs are easy to drill into the book, nibble the book, affecting the long-term preservation of books.

2, do not choose then like the wet plants

In the study, it is also best not to keep wet plants. Frequent spraying of water to the plant will increase the humidity of the air in the room, easy to make the books damp.

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Kitchen flower selection tips

The kitchen is where the cooking is done, which means that this area has more fumes. People who love life will definitely keep a few pots of flowers in the kitchen, which can also purify the air while absorbing grease and smoke.

  • Selection tips.

1, choose plants that are resistant to grease and smoke

Kitchen flowers should choose plants that can purify the air and are resistant to fumes and gas; and small potted plants with smooth leaves and easy to wipe clean.

2、Choose herb plants that can be eaten

Kitchen is also suitable for raising herb plants, such as basil, parsley and thyme, green can not only absorb fumes and odors, but also pick fresh stems and leaves to eat, full of fragrance.

3, according to the choice of kitchen orientation

South-facing kitchen, you can place light-loving foliage plants, such as mint, bumper stickers; north-facing kitchen, you can place shade-tolerant plants, such as greenery, African corydalis in the window.

  • Choosing taboos.

  1. Don’t choose plants that are too big

Kitchen space is limited, just appliances, kitchen utensils take up a large part of the space, so if you want to raise flowers, do not choose too large plants, small potted plants are most suitable.

2, try to avoid the fear of high temperature, high humidity plants

Fire cooking, the temperature of the kitchen will rise sharply, if it is a stew, water vapor will also make the kitchen become high temperature and high humidity, it is best to choose plants that can adapt to changes in temperature and humidity in the kitchen, such as greenery, hanging orchids.

plants that are too big

Dining room flower selection skills

The dining room is next to the kitchen, is the place to eat, space is relatively small, unless it is the kind of open kitchen, so raise flowers should strive to simple and clean, does not take up space.

  • Selection skills.

1, choose and seasonal matching plants

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Restaurant flowers must be in line with the scene, after all, the only food and flowers can not be disappointed. You can look at flowers in the spring, summer foliage, autumn fruit, and a few dried flowers in the bottle in winter.

2, choose the plants that can increase appetite

In the restaurant to raise flowers, but also pay attention to the choice of plants that do not easily fall into the dust, so as not to pollute the freshly baked food. You can choose the cream cheese, kumquats and other fruit-bearing potted plants, looking at can also increase appetite.

3, choose hydroponic plants and fresh cut flowers

The space is smaller restaurant, not so big place to raise flowers. You can place a pot of hydroponic plants in a corner of the table, or insert a few fresh cut flowers, hydroponic on the table is cleaner.

  • Selection taboos.

1, do not choose the fall of pollen plants

When raising flowers on the table to pay extra attention, you can not choose plants that are easy to drop pollen, such as lilies and chrysanthemums, so as not to scatter pollen on the food, accidentally affecting health.

2, do not choose the fragrance is too strong plants

In the restaurant to raise flowers, but also pay attention not to choose too strong scent of flowers, or the air is all the fragrance of flowers, will have an impact on the aroma of food.

fragrance is too strong plants

Whether you are planning to grow potted plants at home or want to give flowers to your friends (China flower delivery), we should learn something for pick different flowers. Let flowers decorate your life and bring a beautiful color to it!


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