Colin Kaepernick Net Worth
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Colin Kaepernick net worth is a massive number in millions despite him not being on his professional ground. Moreover, we are sure that you would be intrigued by the fact as well. 

So, who is this, Colin Kaepernick? Well, Colin Kaepernick was formerly an American footballer, playing in the quarterback position. However, as of 2021, he is an American Civil Rights activist. He has had quite a great career in the professional football game. He has, in total, played for six seasons in the National Football League that goes by the abbreviation NFL. Also, during his six seasons in NFL, he played alongside the 49ers, which is a team from San Francisco. The tenure or span of Colin’s six seasons was from the year 2011 to the year 2016.

Apart from his football career, you might also know him from the silent protest he did in the same year. In the year 2016, at the start of the NFL games, he knelt while the national anthem was going on. This act of his, as later revealed, was an act of protest for racism and police brutality in the States. 

Colin Kaepernick Net Worth
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Moving forward, let us learn about this social and political activist a bit more. So, we will start by getting the information on his net worth and how he earns it. Then the history he has, starting from his early life to the present state of his. 

Thus, in the following share of this article, we will grab all that we can about Colin Kaepernick net worth. 

Colin Kaepernick Net Worth

Now talking about Colin Kaepernick net worth, it is a significant number of millions. In addition, as of the year 2021, his total net worth amount to around $20 million. 

However, during his six-year career as a professional footballer in NFL, he had earned a little over $43 million in salary. This soaring year of his career was between the years 2011 and 2016. Adding to this, 2016 gave him the peak amount of his earnings that he ever had earned. It was $14.3 million alone in the year, the most Colin had ever made from football. 

However, is it just from his career in American football, or he has other sources of income too? Well, since the year 2016, he is out of the NFL. The reason was, of course, his protest against the racial injustice in the States with black people. So, consequently, there have to be other ways than just his earnings from the times he used to play football. 

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Accordingly, he has a deal signed with the multination corporation giant Nike. After his pause from his professional football career, Nike has helped him to boost his net worth. Colin and Nike have had an agreement with one another since the year 2011.  

In addition to all of it, Mr. Kaepernick has endorsement deals as well to support his net worth. He has contracts signed by Jaguar, Beats by Dre Headphones, and even with McDonald’s. Moreover, Colin has deals even with MusclePharm and Electronic Arts

Now moving on to the next section, let us just learn a bit about his early life and some other stuff. 

Early Life and Career 

Colin’s full name is Colin Rand Kaepernick, and he was born in the year 1987 on the 3rd of November. However, he was given up for adoption while he was just 5-weeks old. Her then 19-year-old mother separated from Colin’s birth father (who is an African-American). So maybe it was because of this reason that she gave him up the decision for adoption. Luckily a white family decided to keep Colin from Heidi Russo (his biological mother). He got his surname from this white couple Teresa and Rick Kaepernick. The Kaepernick couple had two kids already of their own and then came Colin. They adopted Colin- a boy, after losing two of their kids due to congenital heart defects (CHD).

Since his childhood, Kaepernick has played football. Moreover, it was just not the only sport; he also used to play baseball and basketball. In addition, the notable point is that he was excellent in all these sports. While in his senior year, he was nominated in all-state selections in all the above-mentioned sports. 

Colin Kaepernick Net Worth
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Born in Wisconsin, at the age of four, his family moved to California. There he was a student at John H Pitman High School in Turlock. 

Now talking of his career, Kaepernick, before getting into NFL in 2011, used to play for his college’s football league. He was in Nevada Wolf Pack before joining the 49ers in the National Football League. 

After completing his graduation, Colin Kaepernick got selected for the 49ers in 2011, in the second round of the NFL draft. However, Colin began his professional football career as being the backup. He was initially the backup quarterback to Alex Smith. Since then, he has played six different seasons for the same team, winning and losing. 

Fun facts about Colin Kaepernick

There are very few facts that are not known about the former footballer- Colin Kaepernick. However, we brought you some of the facts about him that help us understand him in a better way. Like the decisions he took with his life, the protest he has done, the life he chose after football, etc. Following are a few- 

He is an adopted baby of the Kaepernick’s family

Colin’s biological parents gave him up for adoption at a very early stage. Colin, at that time, was just a little over a month. It was the Kaepernick family that adopted him and brought him home. Since then, he has the Kaepernick’s family surname.

Colin is an astonishing baseball player as well

By his former profession, we all know that he is an astounding footballer. But do you know he is also a great baseball player? Colin was in his senior year nominated for an all-state baseball selection.  

However, he had to choose between baseball and football for his professional sport. Resulting in him decided to be a footballer. 

Has been an athlete from a young age

It is clear that from quite a young age, Colin was built like an athlete. Since his school days, he was into numerous different sports. Moreover, he was a fantastic baseball, basketball, and football player. 

However, at the edge of time, he chose football as his professional sport. 

The bottom line on Colin Kaepernick net worth

As of now- the year 2021, we know that Colin Kaepernick net worth is a solid $20 million. He has come along a long way from a star player to an activist. But, as of now, he is still working hard to make a change in the current situation. In a case where racism and other similar stuff are rising like the temperature of the earth. 

But it is his hard work and dedication in making a change that keeps him going and growing. Moreover, his deals with Nike and a few other endorsement brands help him earn a considerable amount. 

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