MLB news: Alex Bregman focused on mobility in offseason
MLB news: Alex Bregman focused on mobility in offseason

Bregman has his best chance of getting a place in the Major League roster this spring with previous second base occupants elsewhere, reports Martin Gallegos of

He moved to Los Angeles and met with television and movie executives between his training schedules.

He joined the recent train of conventional celebrities, such as Will Smith, who launched a YouTube channel.

His videos range from home visits to tips for young baseball players and jokes that open the curtain on the life of a baseball star.

They are also one of the many reasons why the Houston Astros box player is not only one of the best young Major League players on the field, but also one of his most important personalities.

MLB news: Alex Bregman focused on mobility in offseason
MLB news: Alex Bregman focused on mobility in offseason

Bregman is a non-stop machine of ideas when it comes to saving baseball. There are some things that the league could improve.

Baseball must place cameras everywhere. During batting practice. In the canoes. “Stop saying no,” says Bregman. “Start saying yes.”

YouTube is about saying yes. It is only an element of Bregman’s hilarity in social networks. He also posts regularly on Instagram and Twitter. It welcomes social networks, that is, its recent exchange with the Cleveland Indians opener, Trevor Bauer.

When Bauer, who tweeted above all, from the perception of the prejudices of the liberal media to the denial of climate change, his disapproval of the ban on Chief Wahoo and the conspiracy theory of Obama’s birth, accused the pitchers of the Astros using pine tar to control baseball last May, Bregman replied: “Relax Tyler … those World Series balls spin a little differently.”

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Bregman’s active online presence is an anomaly in a sport that has had problems adapting to a hyper-connected world. Baseball has not developed conventional crossover celebrities since Derek Jeter, Alex Rodriguez, and David Ortiz.

Bregman wants to change that; He dreams of being in movies and TV shows and becoming YouTube’s first baseball star. Eventually, he wants to run his own production company, something he can do during and after his career as a player.

He is the anarchist outside the baseball field, hoping to turn the front culture of the game from the inside out and attract a new generation of young fans.


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