Look in Travel Credit Card

Traveling is exciting, and it’s one of the things many people look forward to the most so they can relax. However, what if you want to get even more out of your traveling experience? A travel credit card could be the solution. With a travel credit card, you can get plenty of benefits just for traveling with a specific company, but your choice of a credit card may not be as obvious as you think. Here are five things to look at when you’re choosing your travel credit card.

1. Introductory Bonus

The introductory bonus is often one of the things that’s most prominently indicated on advertisements about a specific travel credit card. Being able to compare and contrast different introductory bonuses is crucial, which is one of the reasons that it’s a good idea to check the Southwest credit card bonuses for the different introductory bonuses and find one that will work best for your needs.

2. Rewards Rate

How do you earn rewards with a specific credit card? The rewards rate will often differ depending on where you’re buying and what you’re buying. Booking travel through the company with your credit card will often give you extra rewards, but making general purchases as you would a credit card can often give you extra rewards depending on what you’re buying.

3. Annual Fee

For travel credit cards, it’s very common to see an annual fee, especially because these cards often function as a sort of VIP marker. However, that annual fee may vary depending on the company you’re applying through and the specific card you’re applying for. Fees regularly range between $99 and $199, though some cards may have fees higher or lower than this.

4. Foreign Transaction Costs

While many credit cards no longer charge foreign transaction fees, it’s something that can vary from card to card. This is especially important if you’re someone who really loves traveling internationally. You need to know whether you can use your credit card internationally, or whether you’re going to have to swap out your card for a different one overseas.

5. Extra Benefits

There’s a laundry list of potential extra benefits that you might experience with a travel credit card. These benefits may include free Wi-Fi, discounted rates for guests, reduced or no blackout dates when redeeming your reward points, extended warranties, and more. Check for all the extra benefits that come along with your credit card to make sure you utilize them all.


A travel credit card can be a great way to maximize your traveling, but it’s important that you get the right one for your needs. Many companies have multiple travel credit cards that definitely aren’t all created equal, and choosing the right one is extremely important. If you’re looking for the best travel credit card, make sure you think about what benefits you’re looking for first. That way, you can choose the best travel credit card for your unique situation.