Basham in a recent interview confirmed his journey from odds to becoming a star. He said that how embarrassing the situation he had once he was thrown out from Newcastle. A letter, a piece of paper was read out loud 16 years ago by his father. And it took no time and the game had changed forever. 

He also said that the letter was read out by his father and the moment was not less than an embarrassment. Something things that hurt him more were deceived by rivals. He said in Sunderland there was a Youth system and he was part of them. 

And he was conspired by the group of rivals from that system only. He was expected to get support from them but the opposite happened. Despite of supporting him they went against him and the story  ends up with a piece a paper. It was hard for Basham to take those words from his father. 16 years ago he had to work as a food serving.

Chris Basham: Sheffield United star's ascent from Newcastle to an inexpensive food specialist
Chris Basham: Sheffield United star’s ascent from Newcastle to an inexpensive food specialist

 He said that he joined McDonald’s to work but wrapped up in foodservice. Because all that required was experienced. On Thursday he upfront to remind those things from the past. The reason was that it would be the first time he will play against Newcastle and would get a chance to prove them wrong at the decision of exile. Although that man played premier league for Boston Blackpool and now for Sheffield. What exactly his statement was in an interview will justify the facts.

“Obviously you want to prove it to them in a good way because this is a kid they released,” Basham said.

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“It’s hard when you’re 16, you get released and your dad is reading a letter saying: ‘you’re done at Newcastle now son’. It was tough to take.

“It did hurt back in the day when I got released because it is a bit embarrassing in front of friends.

“I thought I could get a contract. I was one of those young lads that were full of energy, but a bit smaller and not as developed as the other boys. I probably needed a bit more time so that’s why I think it didn’t happen.

“I went to McDonald’s and worked there but it is all about the experience. To go from serving fast food, it’s a big turn around and a dream come true to play in the Premier League.

“It’s been a long road back to the Premier League and I couldn’t be any happier at Sheffield United.”


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