Indian cricketers hit on Abdul Razzaq for his statement on Jasprit Bumrah

Irfan Pathan took to Twitter on a comment by Abdul Razzaq on Jaspreet Bumrah. He told the fans not to pay much attention to the comment and to laugh it off.

Abdul Razzaq said that in his days he would have taken on Jaspreet Bumrah. He said that he has played against great bowlers like Glenn McGrath and Wasim Akram, and Bumrah is like a bay bowler for him. He says that he could have easily dominated Bumrah in a match.

Irfan Pathan, in his tweet, brought back another comment made by former Pakistan skipper Javed Miandad in 2004.

Miandad said that bowlers like Irfan Pathan could found in any street of Pakistan. In his tweet, Pathan said that every time this street bowler played against them, they always lost. He asked the fans to ignore the comment and laugh it off.

Indian cricketers hit on Abdul Razzaq for his statement on Jasprit Bumrah


Miandad made this statement when Pakistan was hosting India for a Test series. After 24 months, Irfan Pathan became the only bowler to take a hat-trick in first over of the match in Karachi Test.

Commentator and former cricketer, Aakash Chopra, also did not let Razzaq off the hook. He said that growing old is a compulsion but growing up is a choice.

Bumrah is currently the No. 1 ranking bowler in ODIs. Bumrah is currently recovering from an injury that has kept him out of the game for a while now. He is working on his strength and fitness under Rajnikanth Sivagnanam, Delhi Capital trainer.

Bumrah might have missed the series against South Africa and Bangladesh, but he will be back for the New Zealand tour.

The comment passing has always been a part of the cricket community, and India and Pakistan have been on top of it. It is sportsmanship to recognize and appreciate the strengths of the opponent instead of calling anyone a baby bowler or a street bowler.