Steve Smith unbelievable
Steve Smith unbelievable "catch of the Match" to dismiss Kane Williamson

Steve Smith too the catch of the summer. His catch put Kiwi out of the match.
After Kiwi hit the ball, it went flying backwards.

Steve Smith was behind Kiwi along with four other members of the team, and lunged sidewards and took the most unexpected catch. In the video that is going viral on the internet, it is evident that Smith flew to make the catch.

The catch was smooth like the butter. Even the cameraman following the ball went ahead without the ball and came back to the ball in the hands of Smith.

The team was excited, and everyone was taken aback. Kiwi was standing helplessly after giving the catch straight into Smith’s hands. The video of the catch can be easily found on the Twitter account of

Steve Smith unbelievable “catch of the Match” to dismiss Kane Williamson

In this Australia vs New Zealand match, the catch was the highlight with the win of Australia with 296 runs over and above of what New Zealand made.

Mitchell Starc of the winning team was the Man of the Match. He said that he gave his credit to the team and said that everyone did a great job.

He continued to say that he has a clear mindset and working with Andre Adams at New South Wales has paid off. He is looking forward to a day off and relaxing while playing golf.

Kane Williamson of team New Zealand said that the team knew that they were against an adamant team and their tactical skills were outstanding.

He also admitted that team Australia was ahead of them since the first innings. Team New Zealand will find their flaws and work hard to improve them.

Southee and Wanger of team New Zealand bowled well. A lot of work is required in batting skills of the team. Kane and Henry Nicholls blew it with their batting, and the first inning of the match was a blow for New Zealand.