The 2019 Phillips was a mixed bag. Still, J.T. Realmuto had the first year of all roses in Philadelphia, and the 28-year-old catcher earned some severe recognition from Major League Baseball on Tuesday, landing on the league’s first-of-all-MLB first team.

Realmuto, widely regarded as the best catcher in MLB, was a rock behind home plate and added the best offensive season of his career. He finished the year on 92 attempts with an eye-closing 47%, 6% better than any player who had stolen with at least 25 attempts.

Offensively, he slipped to .275 / .328 / .493 with 25 home runs and 83 RBIs and set a career-best.

Phillips JT Realmuto named first all-MLB first team

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Unfortunately for Philly, Realmuto marked the team’s only appearance in the All-MLB First and Second teams, while three NL former rivals – National, Braves and even the Mets – placed several players in respective groups.

While the Phillies chase free agents with even more stupid money, it is worth remembering that Realmuto is a pretty penny spender.

Due to his apparent contributions and his numerous awards (he also earned the Silver Slugger and Gold Gloves this year), Realmuto’s failure to retain him for a long time leads to a gaping hole in the lineup without a backup plan.

The drop-off is significant for Andrew Kannap from Realmuto and is not among the top 10 prospects in the Phillies farm system.

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NBC Sports Philadelphia’s Jim Salisbury reported last month that an extension for Realmuto “may not come before the opening of spring training,” despite the team being clear that they have prioritized raising their star catcher. According to Salisbury, a hypothetical expansion could reach a neighborhood of $ 20 million per year.

Realmuto, who deserves it, said of the summer that he was enjoying his first year at Philly and was open to the idea of ​​being here for the “rest of his career”. When the best catcher in baseball says he wants to stay, it’s usually a good sign. John Middleton should possibly do to maintain Realmuto in the city longer.