mlb world series winners

Are you all excited and thrilled about MLB world series winners? Well, I am very excited as my super favorite MLB series is the Major League Baseball series will start from 1 April. After a long wait, we all would be able to witness the marvelous and the most exciting annual series of games. 

Last year, due to outbreak of the global pandemic Covid-19, the Major League of Baseball got cancelled.

Fortunately, we would witness the annual series of the biggest championship of baseball this year. The all-new season of the game would begin on 1 April and will end on 3 October. NBL has also quoted that they would stick to the old schedule. 

Before getting started with essential details like MLB world series winners, let us first talk about the history and basics of the MLB. You must indeed check all the details mentioned in this article. We have talked about how the game had started and some essential points. Then we have also covered a few of the most renowned names of the game. Or we can even say that we have also mentioned MLB world series winners, who have made a good boot in their career, and have taken their game to the next level. 

World Series Winners and Champions

Basics and History of MLB world series winners

MLB was first started in the year 1903, world series championship. The MLB that is Major League of Baseball happens annually. 

If you are the one who doesn’t have any idea regarding MLB, then let me first draw a picture for you. 

The Major League Baseball consists of thirty teams. This league is further classified into two leagues, and each league consists of fifteen teams. The first team is named “American League”, and the second team is called the “American League.” Winners of both the league get a chance to play against each other in the game’s final round. 

These geographical areas are east, central, and west. Now, each of these divisions further has five teams. These teams compete against one another, and then they play for the playoff and then for finals. So, this is how the whole procedure goes on, as to select MLB World Series winners. 

MLB world series winners 

So, without wasting much time, now let’s quickly get back to the winners. 

In 2019, The Washington Nationals won and got themselves registered as a part of  MLB World Series winners. They won the match in the league, which was scheduled against the Astros. 

The Washington Nationals are said to be the eighth major league franchise, which is based in Washington. 

So, let’s now talk about each team’s best players, who would be participating in the MLB World Series winners in the year 2021. 

  • Jose Ramirez (Indians)

    He made 17th home runs in the previous season.  Jose is currently playing for Cleveland Indians. He had made his first debut in MLB on 1 September 2013. 

  • Salvador Perez (Royals)

    He made 10th home runs in the previous season and is said to be the main and the best player of Royals. Salvador is an American and is currently playing for the team Kansas City Royals.

  • Casey Mize RHP (Tigers)

    He is a renowned American professional baseball pitcher. He joined the Detroit Tigers team in the year 2018, and then in the year 2019, he switched to the team Erie Sea Wolves. According to the sources, he would be playing for both teams this year.

  • Josh Donaldson

    He entered MLB as a catcher in the year 2010. With an ample amount of practice and experience, he started shifting from one team to another. He has played for various teams in the MLB tournament, including Oakland Athletics, Toronto Blue Jays, Cleveland Indians, and Atlanta Braves. As said earlier, he started his MLB career as a catcher, and currently, he is a third man playing for the Minnesota Twins. With time, he has made himself much better and has worked hard to achieve this position.

  • Jose Abreu (White Sox)

    He is the first baseman for the team Chicago White Sox. He joined NLB in the year 2013. Apart from this, he has also filled in for the same team for the designated hitter’s position. Jose belonging to Cuban professional has worked a lot to come until this position.

  • Vladimir Guerrero junior (Blue Jays)

    Vladimir would be playing his second MLB annual games series. The Canadian-born professional baseball player had made his debut in April 2019 for the team Blue Jays. And this year also, he would be playing for the team Blue Jays. As soon as he entered NBL, he made everyone his fan. Just imagine, it is his second series in the NBL game, and he has become popular and has the potential and caliber to win the title of MLB world series winner of the 2021 season. This American Player has indeed done wonders in his career and has grown a lot. Currently, he is playing for the team New York Yankees.

  • John Means LHP (Orioles)

    He is one of the most renowned pitchers. John made his debut in MLB in 2018 and is all set to play his upcoming MLB match in the year 2021. He has been playing for Baltimore Orioles since he joined the annual Major League Baseball series. 

  • Rafael Devers (Red Sox)

    He joined the Major League Baseball series in the year 2017 and played for the team Boston Red Sox since then. He throws the ball from his right hand and bats from his left hand. . Till now, he has made 74 home runs.


We have tried our level best to make this helpful, so that you can use it as a min-guide, just in case you forget some points.

These are the best and the most potential best players for the upcoming season (2021).  So, don’t worry, as all the teams are going to play the game. And who has the potential to take their team to the finales and to be titled as MLB world series winners? Please don’t get offended if we have not mentioned the team or the player that you love the most, as we had aimed to mention only ten of the player’s data. 

We hope that this mini-guide would be helpful for you. Still, there is a lot of time for the MLB world series to begin. It is almost a month. As day by day, the cases of the deadly spread virus are increasing. And must avoid mass gatherings. That’s why many people have turned to pay per head software to enjoy many of the game’s highlights.

 This MLB season will be extraordinary and exciting, as almost all the teams have at least one of the most potential players, and there are still chances that the match may get cancelled at the last moment. So, we must be ready to face both of these situations. So, let’s hope and pray that we get to see the MLB match series this year.