telecom service providers

In this competitive world, telecom service providers are facing many problems as they are seeking to shift from conventional telecommunication to IP based on communication infrastructures.

To make this change work, the telecom service providers need to come up with a plan to deal with the complexities. Some of the concerns, which need to be dealt with are compatibility, centralized management, and security.

Session initiation protocol, also known as SIP, is the basis of unified communications, which includes all modes of communication at a single place. To make this change less complicated, one should use Session Border Controllers so that the session flow is much more secure.

What is the session border controller?

SBC (Session Border Controller) is a tool used for unique functions that protect and regulate IP conversation flows.

The SBCs are deployed at network borders to control the functioning of IP communication sessions. As a result, one can use SBC to regulate all real-time communications such as VoIP, IP video, text chat collaboration sessions.

What are the functions of the Session Border Controller?

  •       Security

SBCs are responsible for protecting against denial of service, fraud, and theft. They also provide media and signaling encryption to provide confidentiality and protection against impersonation/masquerade.

Multi Vendor interoperability

Session Border Controllers normalize SIP messages, and stream headers to reduce multi vendor incompatibilities.  

Protocol interworking

SBCs help interworking among different protocols or different codecs.

Quality of service

Session Border Controllers impose name admission control (CAC) policies. These policies are a form of a carrier (TOS) marking, or fee restriction for carrier assurance. 

Why should telecom service providers deploy Session Border Controllers?

Robust Network Security

Various types of VoIP based cybercrimes can attack a service provider’s network, which affects productivity and revenue.  As a result, many VoIP attacks such as service theft and fraud, DoS/DDoS attacks, registration, spoofing, etc. can harm the network. So, SBC protects real-time communication networks from attacks in several ways and ensures security and SIP flow sessions between external and internal networks.

Dynamic Scalability

Because of the growth of the business, the number of users and traffic load is increasing, which is resulting in SIP communications traffic.

Therefore, deploying an SBC solution helps in carrier-grade performance and maximum service availability under heavy traffic load and maintains the quality of services.

Real-Time Performance Monitoring

When one has a carrier-grade network, one needs a way to bring out high-quality data collection that is timely, relevant, and accurate to manage the running programmatic activities.

An SBC helps to do everything and several other tasks too. SBC provides real-time comprehensive performance reports on live calls.

Intelligent Alert system

An intelligent alert system gives extra security to the service provider’s network. It provides several different kinds of alerts for exceptional performance, customer behavior, and recharge. As a result, it saves lots of time for telecom service providers.

Extensive SIP Interoperability

SBC has a prime feature to offer seamless classes among exceptional VoIP solutions. Several providers and VoIP networks work in incompatible protocols and codecs, which brings about a lack of traffic.

Installing SBC helps in the smooth experience of internetworking and interconnecting several networks and protocols running with them.

Transcoding and Interworking

One of the significant tasks of Session Border Controller is to transcode media services and calls.

Session Border Controller helps telecom service providers to offer more services with comparatively low investment but with a higher return on investment.

As a result of which the function of interworking helps the connection of networks between various IPs, making it possible for voice and video calls coming from different switches to work effortlessly.

Final verdict

With all the ways mentioned above, the SBC solution helps the telecom services providers to provide smooth services. It assists in streamlining the calling process and enhances the productivity of the contact centers. Telecom service providers interested in the SBC solution can contact Ecosmob Technologies Private Limited.