Private Lawyer Or Use The Public Defender For My Dui

If you were arrested for Dui in California, maybe the police took you to the hospital or jailed you to perform a blood test. This is because they had a reasonable cause to either believe you had signs of impairment or had violated the law. Whether the police officer has a reasonable cause or not, your mind will think of having a lawyer to represent you. But the main issue after a Dui arrest is not getting a legal representation; the trick is to find the right person to deal with.

 A Private Lawyer Or A Public Defender?

In every state, driving under the influence is a crime, so any charges as a result, are handled in a criminal court. As a defendant, you will be required to appear in court for your DMV proceedings. In most cases, defendants depend on legal representation. They will either go looking for top Dui lawyer in Los Angeles or let the court appoint a public defender for DUI. This is to have their charges dismissed or dropped. Very few will choose to represent themselves even though they have a legal right. Bearing in mind that your representation will mean losing or winning your case, it’s better to make a decision on which kind of representation that may work for you. It would be best if you have an understanding of the pros and cons of each side to make the right decisions.

Benefits of hiring a private lawyer

  • You will have your lawyer representing you in your DMV proceeding and representing you in criminal court
  • The lawyer will have an in-depth understanding of Dui cases and therefore will offer you a better outcome
  • You will not have to spend a lot of time in court. That is, you will not have to miss work or your essential appointments because of your Dui case
  • The lawyer will answer the entire question and have your queries address at your comfort.

Challenges of hiring a private lawyer

Hiring a private lawyer will cost you some good money. However, this is not an issue if you bear in mind the lawyer is there to concentrate on your case to have the best outcome.

Benefits of a having an appointed public defender

  • It’s the best choice if you don’t have funds to hire a private lawyer
  • They know the tendency of the court or district attorneys. Therefore they may be at a better position for the plea bargaining
  • They have excellent trial skills since they have dealt with many cases

Challenges you may face for having a public defender

  • You will not have the power to choose a public defender; the court appoints one.
  • You will only get representation in the criminal court. Thus you will have to deal with your DMV on your own.
  • You will have to appear for all your court dates
  • Public defenders have a heavy workload and hence will have little time to deal with your Dui case or explaining your queries

Why You Need A Lawyer For Your Dui Case

 Before choosing your representation, it’s good to note that a layperson can’t deal with Dui cases. You will not understand how to go about the DMV or the criminal court hearings. Besides, you will still have queries that need attention from your legal representative. Thus, getting opinion from someone who has the time to tackle your case and is willing to see you get your suspended license within the shortest time possible would be a great deal. Even if you have some experience in criminal court, it may be unwise to have self-representation when charged with a crime such as DUI. By having a lawyer, you will be sure to get:

  • Free initial consultation: A good lawyer can give you the best strategy to approach your case at your initial meeting. This is because every case poses unique facts. Ideally, this may help you also make informed decisions as to how you want the case handled.
  • Willingness to serve your best interest in court: Dui may result in losing your driving privileges. A lawyer understands that it may even take three months up to a year to have it back. During this time, you may be the most miserable person in your life. You need to go to work or make family errands. The lawyer may request a hearing and plead on your case to have your license back.

Getting the Right Lawyer

Being charged with a Dui can get anyone scared. With this, one may hasten to get any lawyer they find available. While you may have the best in your mind, this could be your road to more troubles. The thing to keep in mind is never to hire a lawyer in hurry. It’s better to take time when looking out for legal representation. After all, the best lawyer will give you the best outcome.