Ravichandran Ashwin is a successful off-spinner after Harbhajan Singh. Being a fantastic bowler, Ashwin is also a decent batsman.

He holds the fifth position in ICC’s Test All-Rounder’s list. Being known for his batting skills, everyone wondered how he came into being a bowler as well.

In an interview, Ashwin said that when he first started in cricket, he wanted to be a batsman. He loved batting, and he wanted to be one of the best ones.

But then one day, he saw team India losing, and he thought to himself that he could have saved the match if he was a bowler. Then he decided to brush up and polish his bowling skill.

Yes, bowling is less attractive, and not a preferred trade but that is what team India needed. His decision was respected and encouraged by many.


Ashwin Finally Revealed Reason for Switching From Bowling to Batting

He began to experiment and made progress in his professional career. He said that his experience taught him to strike a perfect balance and then try out new things while keeping things simple.

The off-spinner has not played a single limited over for two years now, but he believes that he has grown so much as a cricketer. He says that he is more mature now. He tries to keep a clear head on the field while being as competitive as he can be.

Ashwin set his mind to be what he is today. He aims to improve himself in his profession further. The cricketers are always under pressure like any other sport, to represent their nation in healthy competition.

The team, captain, coach, and management have to go through so much hard work that is usually not out in the media.

These cricketers have to show themselves as an idol to encourage the youth to be the best version of themselves.