Hardik Pandya had suffered a back injury for which he had to undergo a surgery in England. Due to this, he will not be able to play until he has recovered completely.

Cricket, like any other sport, requires physical activities which at times lead to injuries that might take a few days to recover from or it can take a while.

In place of Hardik Pandya, Shivam Dube will play for the Indian Cricket team. Shivam Dube is an all-rounder. People are saying that Shivam Dube is here to replace Hardik Pandya, but that is not the case as cleared by Shivam Dube.

The young all-rounder says that he is not replacing Hardik Pandya. He is just representing team India in his absence.

Shivam Dube has represented India before in three T20 Internationals with the best figures. He has played against West Indies in T20.

Shivam was asked in an interview if he was replacing Hardik Pandya in the team and he said no. He said that he does not see it as an opportunity to replace Pandya, but he looks at it as an opportunity to represent India internationally. He went on to further state that he is working very hard not to let down the team.

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He said that being an all-rounder, he has to work hard. He has to be good at bowling as well as batting. He says that he can go for four overs at a time. He has got significant support from the team captain, team members, and team management.

Shivam aimed at for three T20 Internationals against West Indies. Team India proved itself. They won against West Indies. Hardik Pandya is currently under rehabilitation and for the time being, Shivam Dube will represent him on the field.

It remains that Shivam Dube will not be replacing Hardik Pandya but just representing him.