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Daniela Rajic

Daniela Rajic: Check out some interesting facts about an NBA player’s girlfriend.

Do you like football? A football lover always has a crush on some NBA player. Don't you agree? I am a big fan of football players. Like everyone else, I am Paul George's huge fan. For those who do...
Better at Golf

How to Get Better at Golf: The Basics Explained

Want to lower your golf score but don't know how? Let's fix that.There's a lot of advanced golf tricks out there, but going back to basics is best for improving your game. And while these may not be the...
Depth Look at the Exponential Growth of Players from Latin America Nations

An In-Depth Look at the Exponential Growth of Players from Latin America Nations

Major League Baseball had 44 and 72 players from overseas in 1990 and 2000, respectively. As at the turn of the century, these players constituted about 25.3%, over one-quarter of the total number of players at MLB. There was...
interesting facts about Baccarat

5 Interesting facts that you must know about Baccarat

Baccarat, also known as Bacarra, is a banking game that is available in the casinos all over the world with simple rules, a low house edge, and low stakes. The aim of the player is to form a hand...
Best Online Games To Play

The Best Online Games To Play In 2021

Whatever your platform of choice - Epic, Steam, Origin or Upplay, there are masses of new and updated PC games to add to your wishlist. These new games include the best crash and slash-edge titles with new ray-tracing capabilities,...
Sixers be the Team to Watch this Season

Will the Sixers be the Team to Watch this Season

When it comes to looking at the odds of which NBA team will emerge to take the title this year, the real choice may surprise many.  The betting lines in the NBA don’t always reflect it, but the Philadelphia...
Sports betting

Realizing the magnitude of Sports betting

Sports betting is a buzz these days. Sports can not only cheer you up but also has the potential to give you a lot of money through sports betting. Any set of parameters that aids you to select winners...
Five games you must play in Kenya

Five games you must play in Kenya

Quarantine is a time of isolation for others, so it's a struggle to make oneself feel entertained at home all day. E-sports are becoming increasingly popular because people want to use this quarantine as a break from work and want...
eddie hall accepts thor's boxing challenge

Eddie Hall Accepts Thor’s Boxing Challenge Presented by CoreSports

Hafthor Bjornsson or ‘The Mountain’ from game thrones recently broke the world record for the world’s heaviest deadlift. This record was previously held by Eddie Hall. The one-minute video where he broke the record was posted on his YouTube...


It’s no secret, Inter Miami want to sign a big-name player. They already have global appeal with David Beckham heading things up on the East Coast but the Englishman wants to take the MLS and put it alongside sports...
l Game at Manchester

Where Are Some Of The Stars That Played On Moyes Final Game at Manchester...

David Moyes was hand-picked as the man to replace Sir Alex Ferguson at Old Trafford in the summer of 2013. Moyes took over the side that had just been led to the Premier League title with an eleven point...


Mickey Arthur as Sri Lanka’s New consultant head coach

With the appointment of Mickey Arthur as the new head coach on Thursday, the Sri Lankan cricket board overhauled The Islander's coaching team.Arthur was...
milk chocolates

5 Best Milk Chocolates