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Valorant is one of the best FPS games right now. It was released in June 2020, and in 2 years, it has made an extensive fan base. It competes with games like counter strike and PUBG. The game has millions of players from all around the world. So, you have Valorant on your PC and want to know how well you are playing. For that, you need to track your game, and to track your game stats, you need an excellent Valorant Tracker. Currently, only a few trackers deliver reliable data for the in-game stats of Valorant. In this post, We will tell you about the best Valorant trackers available so that you can track your Valorant progress. 

Best Valorant Trackers:

1.Blitz gg (The Best Valorant Tracker)

Blitz is the best and most famous stat tracker for Valorant. It makes your path of going up on rankings easy. It has map stats, agents stats, and weapons stats as features. To use this Tracker, you first need to download their software and keep it running when you play Valorant. Now the process to connect it to your valorant account. After downloading their software, Blitz will instantly link any Valorant account you’re logged into. To connect your valorant account with Blitz, log in to your valorant account while the Blitz is running. Blitz has a dashboard where you can see your last matches, shot percentage precision, and how well you’ve been doing with your recent games. Their Post Match analysis feature will help you to find your weak areas and how you can improve. Many elite players also use Blitz as their Tracker. 

  1. Overwolf

Overwolf is a tool used for numerous games like Dota 2, CSGO, etc. It has over 1 million downloads. It has the best guides available on the platform, showing you secret tricks that other players can’t find anywhere. The finest part about Overwolf’s Valorant Tracker that blows other tools out of the contest is that it shows your teammates stats in real-time. The other cool feature is live statistics of you winning the round. You can also see the rank of every player in the game. Your team players need to permit so that you can track their stats. After you complete your entire setup, this Tracker will be your companion.

3.Tracker gg

It is one of the most favored Valorant trackers. It’s also handy in other games; that’s a great thing. If players allow their stats to be public, everyone can see them. Because of this feature, you can see the stats of many famous players. One element also tells you which one is your best weapon and your headshot percentage with weapons. They have many guides to improve gameplay. However, if you are a pro player and create a guide on Tracker, you can earn profile awards. Many pro players that are best in the game develop guides to help new players. They also have a mobile app to check your stats on your phone and when you are not playing. Their layout differs from others, so it will take some time for you to get used to it.

Valorant Tracker
Credit: Esportsdriven
  1. Valorantstats XYZ

Without a doubt, Valorantstats is the best one with many features. It is an extensive tracker that could quickly overfill users with the types of stats it has. Its post-match feature studies your gameplay and gives valuable information to improve your game. Features of Valorantstats will provide you with an advantage over the other players. Luckily, You can be one step ahead of your opponents. The best part about them is their stats are valorant-friendly and will not get you a ban. They have an extensive database, so you can quickly master all the maps and agents.

  1. Valking gg

This one is most popular on mobile devices. Interestingly, you can see your valorant profile whenever you want on Valking. In this Tracker, you can see different information about Valorant. The report includes Agent Winning Percentages, Ranked Distribution, Attack, and Defense Win Percentages, and Tiers. Luckily, the global statistics get updated every few hours.

  1. Dak gg

Dak is a reputed Valorant tracker. However, it needs some of the qualities major tracker offer players. It is based on players who want to research their Valorant performances without interrupting between rounds. This tool tells you your recent matches performance, win rate, Average kills, and damage. However, my favorite feature is agent composition. Why it is my favorite cause it tells you which agent is performing best on all different types of data. Luckily, all the data gets refreshed daily so that you can find the latest rankings and stats.

Valorant Tracker
Credit: Esportsdriven

These 6 are the best Valorant trackers available in the market right now. You can choose any one of them that suits your playing style.

FaQ about Valorant Tracker:

Is the Valorant Tracker safe to use?

Yes, all the six valorant trackers I suggest you are 100% virus free and safe to use. Also, it will not give you a ban on valorant. However, some unknown tracker could give a virus or ban your valorant account. So, choose a safe and trusted tracker always.

Are Valorant trackers get you a ban?

As I said, using a Valorant tracker that doesn’t break any rules will not get you banned. However, a third-party tracker violating rules will get you a ban.

Is using VPN in Valorant Bannable?

No, you will not get banned if you use VPN to play Valorant. Many people use VPN to play the game because of high ping issues.

Is the Valorant Tracker free?

You can find some free valorant trackers online and use them. However, the best valorant Tracker available is paid.

Which Tracker Pro Player uses?

Every pro player has a different Tracker for their game. But, the Blitz gg is the most popular right now among all the pro players. You can use it if you want to be a pro player.

Does Tracker increase your aiming abilities?

The answer is No. But you can use it to find out which part of the game you are good at and which you lack the most. Luckily, you can check your aiming stats and improve them by going into training mode.

Does Tracker reduce FPS?

Well, there has yet to be a confirmation about FPS dropping after installing Tracker. However, some people claim that installing a tracker reduced their fps by 50%. Most likely, this issue will happen in tracker apps. So, if this issue comes, switch to a browser-based tracker.


In conclusion, Valorant is growing rapidly in popularity and creating its own legacy. Every player wants to play excellently, and Valorant Tracker can help the player go to the next level. It is like you are learning the game from a pro player. So, what are you waiting for? Install Blitz on your pc and play the game you love the most and see the difference it will make in your gameplay. However, You can choose a different one that suits your playing style. Tell us in the comments which agent is your favorite in the Valorant.