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Paris Jackson is a successful American Model and a singer. She is also an activist and the daughter of late Michael Jackson. Paris started her acting career as a model in 2017 and signed as IMG Models. Besides modeling, she has also appeared in various TV series like the “OA” and “Star”. Her first movie was Gringo in 2018 and she loves to spare her time in activism, which aims at feminism, conservation, and animal rights.

Paris Jackson also supports organizations such as Freedom Unites and Conservation International. Paris’s love for music has never gone out of her interest, her first single was “Let Down” in 2018. This article is a round – up for Paris Jackson net worth

Full Name Paris Michael Katherine Jackon
Nick Name Doo – Doo Head
Date of Birth 3rd April 1998
Place of Birth Beverly Hills, California, U. S
Parents Michael Jackson and Debbie Rowe
Nationality American
Age 25
Height 1.76 M
Profession Model, Actor and Singer
Siblings Bigi Jackson, Prince Jackson
Marital Status Single
Religion Christianity
Zodiac Sign Leo
Ethnicity White

Paris Jackson Net Worth

Paris Jackson net worth in 2024 is around $125 million. Her exact net worth is unknown so it’s safe to tell that she owns somewhere between $100 Million and $150 Million.

Early Life and Education

Michael Jackson daughter

The model turned singer was born at the Spaulding Pain Medical Clinic in B.H, California to pop star Michael Jackon and Debbie Rowe. Her parents divorced in 1999 and her father got her full custody. Paris was raised together with siblings in Neverland Ranch.

Her schooling was at the Buckley located in Sherman Oaks, California. She was a part of flag football and softball and her 7th grade was in a community college. She then dropped out. After her father Michael Jackson’s death in 2009, she became the beneficiary of MJ’s estate. She also accepted the Lifetime Achievement Award at the 2010 Grammy Awards on behalf of her dad.


While her inheritance from her father was the major part of her wealth. Paris has also made a name for herself in the field of music and modeling career. She began her career as a child artist in 2003 and modeled for luxury brands like Louis Vuitton, Balmain, Chanel, and others. In 2017, she appeared in movies and started her own production company “Kingstar Music”.

She also advocated for social justice which includes animal rights, mental health awareness, LGBTQ, and racial equality. Paris was given a name as “Next Generation Leaders” by Time Magazines in the year 2019. She was also featured in well–known magazines like Latina, Elle UK, Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, and others.

Source of Income

Paris is a well–talented artist who accumulated a large fortune in a short period. Let’s look at what her source of income is.

paris jackson net worth

  • MJ’s Will – Michael Jackson’s inheritance to Paris was around $65 million. In addition to this, she also made other investments and business ventures which added a benefit to her net worth. She also got her Mother Debbie’s inheritance after she passed away in 2016.
  • Business Ventures – In 2019, she was the global face of the Calvin Klein clothing brand.
  • Modeling contracts – Paris has also been successful in her modeling career. She appeared for LV and Balmain.
  • Film Debut – In 2018, she was seen in the movie “Gringo” starring Charlize Theron, Amanda Seyfried and Sharlto Copley.
  • Musical career – She released her debut album in 2020 ‘Wilted’. Her music was praised by critics and fans alike. This venture added to Paris Jackson net worth.

Real Estate

Paris purchased a Topanga Canyon home in the year 2017 for $2.3 million, while working as a model for some of the leading brands. It was a 7–room mansion, later sold in 2020. She then purchased a new estate known as “Cabin” which cost around $4 million. The home has 3 bedrooms and 2 baths within three thousand square feet of living space. It has a converted garage that was later refurbished into a recording studio and an art studio. This gated – property has a movie theater, two – way fireplace, and bedrooms for guests

The lower level of the estate has soaking tubs with a master bedroom and other amenities. There is also a saltwater pool, spa, sauna, and garden in the backyard.

Apart from buying expensive homes, Paris’s wardrobe has over fifty handbags and Cartier which can cost over $150K. She also owns Ralph Lauren dresses worth $200K and has watches worth $3 million.

Car collection

Paris Jackon is a huge fan of cars and she owns a Porsche 911, and a Jaguar I–Pace from her high–end car collection. Others to name a few include;

popular celebrities' daughter

  • Volvo XC60
  • Jeep Wrangler
  • Cadillac Escalade
  • Ferrari Portofino


Paris has been actively endorsing in various programs which includes the global campaign for CK (Calvin Klein), Coca-Cola, and Tiffany & Co. The aim is to promote their products and these endorsements have been an added benefit to Paris Jackson net worth.

Philanthropic Activities

Jackson’s off–screen life includes running for HEAL (Helping Enrich And Love) in Los Angeles. She also focuses on various causes including environmental issues, health awareness, and animal rights apart from charitable endeavors.

Paris Jackson Appearance

S.NO. Features Details
1. Eye color Icy Blue
2. Hair color Dark Brown
3. Height 5 ft 10 in
4. Weight 57 kgs

Personal Life

paris jackson net worth

Paris was in love with her bandmate Gabriel Glenn for 2 years. Her relationship ended in 2022 after the release of their 1st project “The Soundflowers”. When interviewed by The Red Table by Willow Smith, she opened up for the first time saying that she faced intense betrayal in her relationship which made the couple split up.


Paris posted a video on her Instagram account in 2023 acknowledging Jackson’s 65th Birthday. She then shared how she had been chastised in her past by MJ fans for not posting her father on social media. To shut down the criticism, the “American Horror Stories” shared a clip at Las Colonias Park. She gave a shoutout telling the audience about her dad’s sacrifices and passion and love for music.

Paris sports a multitude of tattoos which range from Tolstoy quotes and chakra symbols! She shocked her fans by hiding more than 80 tattoos for her new Grammy’s look.  


She won the Daily Front Row award as an “Emerging Talent” for the year 2017 and was nominated twice for the “Teen Choice Awards”. In 2021, she bagged the “Top Indie Film Award” for the category of “Best Music” for her work “The Soundflowers”.


1. Is Paris Jackson Multiracial?

She embraces a diverse heritage and a mixed-race background with pride

2. What is Paris Jackson’s Musical style?

Her music encompasses a mix of pop, folk and rock. Her heart-soothing voice and deeply personal lyrics are the key elements of her musical style.

3. Is Paris Jackson Vegan?

As she is an eco–activist, she joined hands with Stella McCartney, a fashion designer, and made her first vegan leather made of vegan mushrooms. It’s sustainable and an excellent alternative to animal leather.


Now you know Paris Jackson net worth, it’s a combination of her inheritance from her father and mother. Also, she is super successful in her modeling career and music career. Paris Jackson net worth will likely grow in the upcoming years as she continues to make her appearance in the entertainment industry.