Losing streak leads to winning for UVa Men’s Basketball
Losing streak leads to winning for UVa Men’s Basketball

Postseason play this week will be begun by the Virginia men’s basketball team. They are known to be the ones who have 17th rank cavaliers and are looking forward to taking on either Notre Dame or Boston College in the ACC tournament on Thursday in Greensboro NC quarter-finals.

Additionally, it has also been mentioned that the tournament title has been won three-time UVa program history. In the same two of the three coming under the direction of head coach Tony Bennett.

In this year bracket, the cavaliers are known to be the one who is the two seed. They are known to finish the regular season on 98 game win streak and also after dropping four out of the five games in January. A statement has also been given by Bennett that was clearly indicating it.

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Benett says, “I think to go through that, not pleasant at the time, but has certainly served the value of, ‘You don’t know, and you better battle each possession and work.’ I think comfort level with roles, how we need to play to be successful, and just slight improvements in individual players, and maybe collectively, has put us put on the other side, even though that has not been by much.”

Senior forward MamadiDiakte adds, “That’s the reason why we’re here right now. We’re focused on those areas where we can improve. We improved them, and we got right back in the game. It’s taken every little inch of focus, to pull it at the end.”

These are the two statements that were indicating about the whole scenario and also letting us know about Virginia will tip off its quarterfinal game on Thursday at 7:00 p.m. in Greensboro. If you get to know more about it or you have something else to say, then do let it snow in the comment section below. We will try to get back to you with the solution and resolve the queries you have something to the same news.