Lionel Messi's response

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Lionel Messi’s response following his teams’ defeat to Osasuna had made fans in astound. In the last match played, the Barcelona club lost to Osasuna 2-1 at the home ground. Meanwhile, Real Madrid was crowned La Liga champions title for the 34th time after beating Villarreal. Along with that, Real Madrid has won all ten games in the Spanish football season. Lionel expressed his disappointment after Barcelona fails at home to Osasuna.

Messi’s Reaction

Soon after the previous match, the Barcelona captain has come with a furious response. In the context of La Liga’s title crowned by Zinedine Zidane’s Real Madrid. Messi responded that Barcelona had helped Real Madrid a lot to win the title with their weak and low-intensity performances. Apart from this, he added that the performance of his team in La Liga is disappointing. In addition to that, Messi stated – “we have to be self-critical starting with the players but across the whole club. We are Barca. We have to win Everything. Madrid has done the job. We have helped them a lot.”

Lionel Messi's response

In particular, Lionel Messi’s response is a clear discontentment with his team’s performance in the league. He feels that Barcelona will have to improve their performance drastically. To win the Champions League, unquestionably, the team has to improve a lot, Messi added. Moreover, the Barcelona fans are in disappointment with the team’s performance. The fans have also run out of patience with the side in the second half of the tournaments.

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The Barca captain is well aware of the situation; he adds- “Everything that we have experienced since January is terrible. We have to change a lot of things for real. The fans are running out of patience because we are not giving them anything; it’s normal,” he added.

In the backdrop of Lionel Messi’s reaction, Luiz Suarez, the handy striker of Barcelona, came up with the explanation. There were rumors that a clause in messi’s contract would allow him to move at the end of the season. But Suarez clearly, insists that Messi is glad to stay in Barcelona. Also, it added that Messi must make on Barca’s future. Suarez stated that the club should be willing to match his ambitions.

As well as that, Suarez added- “What Messi would like is a winning project, an exciting project. But it’s a situation that he had to manage his family and, in this case, with his dad, and conscious of the decision he has to take”. Moreover, he added that it is difficult to imagine Messi in another club jersey. Furthermore, “Leo will take the decision based on what’s best for him and with his family in mind.”


From Lionel Messi’s response, it is evident that he is not happy with the Barca’s whole performance. Especially admitting his Barcelona as “weak team” shows that. What is happening with the club in the last few matches is a broad question that remains unanswered. Is the problem with the team, management, or defense is still in confusion. Keeping all the inconsistent games apart, as the team Barcelona and Lionel Messi, all the fans are eagerly waiting for the champions league.