DeSean Jackson

An official announcement was made by the Philadelphia Eagles on July 10 regarding DeSean Jackson’s Instagram posts. The wide receiver has received proper penalization for his misconduct right after the anti-Semitic posts were made public. The announcement was also made on the team’s official Twitter handle.

The post said that Jackson was accused under conduct detrimental, and he has accepted it too. They have received a detailed apology from the player, and that he is ready to accept the consequences for the mistake. On the other hand, fans and the public are eager to know details about the penalization. However, neither the team nor Jackson could be contacted for further details.

It was last weekend when DeSean Jackson took to his Instagram handle to post a quote. He wrote that it was by Sir Adolf Hitler which was complete misinformation. The content of the post was pretty sensitive, and therefore attracted quite an amount of criticism. Jackson’s post says that according to Hitler, the Black people are the children of Israel. Besides, the posts say that it was time for the Americans to face the consequences against the discrimination, lynching, and mistreatment that they carry out against the Afro-Americans. To this post, several people commented on how they are against the content saying that only supporters of Hitler will say that he was never a racist.

A public apology from DeSean Jackson

Later, DeSean Jackson puts up a public apology saying that he is ashamed of the post and that he did not mean any of it. He says that his intentions are never to hurt or demean a race. However, he takes responsibility for his actions and states the fact that he failed to understand the real meaning of the quote. Jackson further highlighted that he always wants to be fair and therefore tries not to look down on anyone intentionally. However, he understands that his post was hurtful, and he is very sorry for the feelings of so many people.

The Philadelphia player explains that he now understands that Adolf Hitler was the major reason for the oppression of the Jewish people. Therefore, the struggle of the Jews was the same as that of the Afro-Americans in the country for so many years. He adds that all of us must unite against racism and anti-Semitism, and the post was a big mistake. Jackson’s post shows that he is highly apologetic for his act which he knows has hurt the sentiments and feelings of several people.

The final decision

The Philadelphia Eagles team representative said that there were several discussions taking place for the past few days. Apart from the constructive discussions with DeSean Jackson, the team officials held meetings with the other members and players of the organization. The community leaders have also been a part of the entire series of communication. Now everyone is at a point in which the next steps are going to come into execution. Further, the rep states that DeSean Jackson is now ready to accept all the consequences of his mistake.

According to the spokesperson of the team, the discussions have led to constructive conclusions. They have unanimously found ways in which both Jackson and the team can heal while moving forward with their work. DeSean Jackson understands how important the team means to him. Therefore, he knows that his actions need to speak louder than his verbal apology. It is the only way for him to retain his position in the team. The spokesperson says that the young player is keen to educate himself more on certain sensitive topics. So, the team management will help him in the process, which seems to belong.