The world has now shifted online, most conversations now happen via emails. However, there can be a lot of problems that a user can face while working with emails. Hotmail is one of the most popular webmail services of current times. It enables users to send and receive free mails. However, sometimes, users can face glitches in it, such as sometimes, their Hotmail not working.

This can get frustrating for the user. So, before you think of getting a professional’s help to solve your issue. You must read our step by step guide to solve your issue easily. This will not only give you a solution to your problem but an insight into most common problems that the users face with Hotmail.

So, read on . . .

What are the reasons because of which you have Hotmail not working?

If you are thinking that you have Hotmail not working, it can be because of a variety of reasons listed below:

  • Server can be down.
  • Your Hotmail account might be attacked by the intruders.
  • There can be issues related to network connectivity.
  • Hotmail might be incompatible with your existing web server.
  • You might be typing in incorrect username and password.
  • There might be improper configuration.
  • The problem might be because of caches and cookies.
  • Due to server down problem

Impact Solution To solve Hotmail issues:

We have mentioned the proper step by step guide to help you solve your problem of Hotmail not working. You can easily follow the following steps to solve all your Hotmail functions related concerns. Have a look:

  1. Check the Status of your Server:

First, the user must check the status of their server and understand whether the server is down or not. In case, there is a problem with the server, the Hotmail will not work. The user can check that as the first step and ensure that the server is not down why is hotmail not working.

  1. The user can initiate the troubleshooting of their Browser

In case, the browser that the user is using gets corrupted, the user will not be able to load the website of Hotmail. So, the user must check their Hotmail browser first and follow the below mentioned steps to solve all their browser related issues.

  • First, the user must delete their browser’s history. 
  • The user must remove the cookies from their browser
  • Last, the user must reset the browser
  1. The user must do a check of their network settings

In case, the user has the system not properly connected to the internet, there can be a really high chance that it might be the reason for your Hotmail not working. We would recommend that you check your internet connection. In case, there is no router, modem and computer, you must wait for a few minutes and then try using Hotmail, it can get loaded and then the user can work properly.

  1. The user must enter the username and Password correctly.

In case, the user faces any sign in issues such as typing of incorrect username or password, they will not have their Hotmail working. First, the user has to ensure that they have typed in the correct username and password. In case, the user has forgotten their password, then they can easily reset their password. Once the user enters correct information on their hotmail account, they will not see this kind of message on your screen.

  1. In case, the user cannot send or receive emails in Hotmail

There are many reasons because of which a user cannot send or receive any emails in their Hotmail account. You must have a look at the points mentioned below:

  • If the user had created an Email Filter: In case, the user has created an email filter then this could be a potential reason why the user is not able to send or receive mails. So, we would recommend you to remove the filter as soon as possible.
  • To ensure Forwarding to a Different Email Address: It can also be a possible reason why the user is not able to send/ receive mails. So, the user must disable that to ensure that he can send or receive emails.
  • In case, the user has blocked any Email Address: If the user has blocked any email address, then the user will not get any emails, so it is mandatory for the user to reset his account settings.

In case, you have tried all the above-mentioned steps and still you have Hotmail not working then you must consult a technician to solve this issue. You can easily find one in your budget as there are plenty of options available.