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If you follow the work pattern of winning coaches and players to find out what they are doing differently, you will find that they are increasingly leveraging technology to improve their performance level.There are innumerable best sports coaching apps that the players, the coaches, as well as team management use to keep track of the schedule and analyze the performance of the players.

Technology allows the coaches to not only keep track of the training schedule of their players but also analyze their performance over a period.

When we talk about the latest technology in sports coaching, then the sports coaching app comes to the front.

Here is the list of some of the popular sports coaching apps around the world.

Top Sports Coaching Apps in the Market

To help you find the right app, we have listed some top sports coaching apps that would help you to choose one to make your coaching easier and more effective.

1 GameChanger

This multipurpose sporting coach app helps the team management to schedule different events and communicate with the team members.

It also helps the coach to keep track of scores and get live game updates.

Furthermore, it allows the coach to see the player’s chart to figure out which part of their performance needs further improvement.

It also gives schedule alerts to everyone so that the team knows who is attending the training session.

Additionally, the app also creates a high-quality game recap after the game is over so that the team community gets to know the important stages of the game instantly.

2 Endomondo

If you want a powerful app with easy-to-use features that allows you to keep track of the training schedule of your players, then this app is perfect for you.

This is an excellent tool to monitor the workout, calorie intake, and other such measurable of the players.

Furthermore, this app allows the teammates and the coach to encourage each other during the training session.

This helps to put them in a positive frame of mind and pump them up for the upcoming match.

3 Hudl

This is another great video analysis app that is perfect for coaches to analyze the actions of the players.

It allows the coach to draw or make comments on the performance of the player on the video itself.

Furthermore, this app also records all the statistics which the coach can get back to for analyzing the performance of the player over a period in detail.

4 Sportlyzer

This app was designed to help coaches who train youngsters.

It allows you to import all the data regarding your games and competitions that you have stored in an Excel file to the app server.

It has multiple features that allow you to not only keep track of the players but also analyze any improvement in their performance over time.

You can share events with the athletes that may include their weekly schedule, any upcoming competition via email.

You can set up the app in such a way that the emails will be sent automatically if you synchronize it with the Google calendar and add the events to it.

5 TrainingPeaks

This app is widely used by sports coaches to monitor the fitness training of athletes.

It allows you to create a training program in which you can communicate with the athlete regarding their performance.

You can set up a personalized training program for an athlete and the athlete only has to look at the app and complete the training schedule as per the instruction.

6 Sportplan Soccer

If you are a soccer coach, then you should download this amazing app that has more than 500 soccer drills in its library.

This app allows you to create plans or even try out those plans that are proven before from its library.

It allows you to take notes and put the entire training schedule of your team in one place that you can view later on Wi-Fi.

 7 Baseball Radar Gun High Heat

This is the perfect app for baseball coaches. It allows you to check the pitch velocity of the athletes as well as their opponents.

The user can keep track of the score, inning number, ball/strike count with the help of this app.

You can use this app accurately either in the little league or even in the major leagues.

All you have to do is tap the button that is placed on the pitch release and the accurate reading of the ball will be displayed on the screen.

You can use this app effectively from any part of the stadium.

8 FIBA Basketball Coaching

This amazing app is the official coaching app of the Federation International de basketball and is used by coaches all over the world.

It helps coaches around the world to share their strategies and training to make the practices more realistic and productive.

As a basketball coach, this app would completely change the way your training approach.


Q: What are sports coaching apps?

A: Sports coaching apps are mobile applications that help coaches and athletes plan, manage, and improve their training and performance.

Q: What are the features of sports coaching apps?

A: Sports coaching apps may offer features such as video analysis, data tracking, communication, scheduling, fitness testing, and feedback.

Q: What are the advantages of using sports coaching apps?

A: Sports coaching apps can help coaches and athletes save time, stay organized, monitor progress, enhance motivation, and optimize results.

Q: What are some examples of sports coaching apps?

A: Some examples of sports coaching apps are Hudl, Strava, iPractice Builder, and Coach’s Eye.

Q: How to choose the best sports coaching app for your needs?

A: To choose the best sports coaching app for your needs, you should consider factors such as your sport, your goals, your budget, your device compatibility, and your user experience.


We hope that the list of sport coaching apps we have shared helps you kickstart your coaching journey.

As these apps target specific sport disciplines, you can choose one that fulfills your unique needs and fits your budget.

Apart from these apps, there are various other popular sports apps that you should look forward to knowing about sports coaching and other sport-related events.  

The majority of sports coaching apps provide a lot of content for free; however, if you want to access premium features, you have to pay a certain fee.

Lastly, for whom you are waiting, download any of the above sports apps and start your sport coaching sessions.



  1. Clipza Video app allows coaches to run a camera app continuously and every time they want to capture something (that has already happened), they tap the screen. This saves the last 15 (or 30, 45, 60, 90) seconds in files. Players can also swipe the screen to instantly replay what has already happened. IOS only free and 6.99 upgrade version.

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