Dustin Johnson Net worth
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Dustin Johnson net worth:

When we talk of professional golfers, there is always the mention of Dustin Johnson. But do you know how much this American professional golfer owns as his net worth? Well, if you don’t and are still looking to find out, then you are at the apt spot. We have got it all cloaked for you, so you’re definitely in for a spree!

Before we head ahead, just know that Dustin has his net worth in the millions. Adding to that, he has been the best golfer for 64 weeks, globally stating from the year 2017. Also, less or more, we all know and will agree that Mr Johnson is among the most successful golf players. Especially if it comes to mentioning World Golf Championships, which only Tiger Woods seems to have better luck than him.

Coming further onto his achievements, he owns nearly 27 titles that are professional to date. Adding to the list is his two Majors in his career.

So, talking about the rich net worth of Mr Dusting Johnson, he is number 20th in the rich list of Forbes. Also, just to clarify it all, it is a rich list of Forbes Highest Paid Athletes of the year 2021.

In this piece of article, we will further get into Dustin’s other info as well that is public. Also, we will focus a bit more on the background of his life, starting from his early day. Additionally, we will also try to find out how he became the world champion, his inspiration and more.

So, what do we know about the world champion that owns so many trophies? Furthermore, has racked up his fortune in millions. Well, if you too are intrigued to know it all just as we do, then let’s get started.

Dustin Johnson Net Worth

Dustin Johnson Net worth
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Dustin Johnson net worth as of the year 2021 is around $50 million. Yes, you read that right! The professional golfer and the best in the world owns a fortune that massive. Also, if we talk of his source of income, it is, of course, golf. So, all that Dustin has made is from winning tournaments that have their winning prizes in millions.

To start with, let us mention the $70 million prize money that Dustin took home from a tournament. Adding to this is the other $15 million from the FedEx tournament that was in 2020. He took that amount to his bank as well. Also, the total or sum of both these prizes takes him to third place. Third in earning the highest amount as a professional golfer.

However, if we talk of the PGA tour money this, FedEx cup amount becomes null. So, taking off the $15 million of Dustin’s receipts, the $70 million makes him the fifth-highest grosser through the globe.

Adding to this, Dustin owns a residence in Beach Gardens, Florida, almost 100 miles away from Miami. This residence has a price of nearly $5 million. His home is spread in 8000 square feet. Adding to the luxury, it has a dock that will lead you to a small secluded isle.

Likewise, after this residence, Mr Johnson has bought and sold a few different properties and made a profit from them.

So, summing on Dustin Johnson net worth, one can say that a rise in his million-dollar fortune is prominent. But only if he promises us consistency and dedication in his performance.

Moving on to the next portion of Dustin Johnson Net Worth, let us just enlighten ourselves with the kind of childhood he had. Also, what inspires him and keeps him going even now.

The Early Life of Dustin Johnson

The full name of Dustin Johnson is Dustin Hunter Johnson. He was born in the year 1984 in South Caroline (Columbia), in the month of June. There is no exact news or info as to what made him choose golf over every other career. However, he grew quite fond of it from quite a tender stage of his life. He was so into the luxury sport that he joined his college’s golf team while in university. Dustin is from Coastal Carolina University and has a major’s degree in Sports Management from the same.

Also, the substantial part is even as an amateur player of golf, Johnson has so much potential in the sport. This is because he, through his college life, won so many cups regarding the same. This means he showed a promising career in golf from his college days. Well, he didn’t disappoint anyone here, though- by being one of the best globally.

So, going further, let us fixate on the professional career that Dustin has covered so far. Although till the year 2007 his golfing is taken as the amateur one and it is only after this year he becomes a professional golfer.

So, this sums up to the fact that Dustin has been playing entirely at a young age. Though only at the age of 23 years, he focused on becoming a pro in the sport of golf. So, let us start with the earlier days of Dustin Johnson’s career to all his achievements so far.

Career till the year 2012

Dustin Johnson Net worth
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Dustin, as said, went professional in the year 2007, at the age of 23. However, by the following year, in 2008, he had already earned a PGA Tour card. Then, adding to his prodigy, Dustin managed to win Turning Stone Resort Championship. Then in the same debut year, he won another trophy of AT&T Pebble Beach National Pro-Am. Hence, by the end of the following year’s season of 2009, Mr Johnson was already there, shining. Also, he was already 15th on the list of winnings of the PGA Tour check.

Then in the following year, 2010, Dustin’s name was all over the golf admirer’s conversation as he had defeated David Duval. Please note that Mr David was the world’s number one player at that time. Then again, he managed to take home the trophy of the BMW Championship. Hence, by the end of the 2010’s season, his PGA money status ascended to number fourth.

Next year in the 2011 Open Championship of England, Dustin finished remarkably and ended the match by tieing at the 2nd spot. This set out to be the by faraway best achievement of his four year golf’s professional career. Also, this championship’s performances led to his global ranking at number seven. Another of the successes was that the Official World Golf Ranking gave him the position of the third-ranked golfer.

The same year Mr Johnson managed to win another title of the PGA Tours. And as an effect, his rankings in the world ascended to fourth.

The following year, 2012, didn’t start well for him as he suffered from some back injury. So, due to the damage, Johnson had to back off from the golf grounds for a few months to recover.

Career from the year 2013

So, after the back injury in the year 2012, Dustin managed to come back thriving in the following year, 2013. And by the end of 2013, Mr Johnson had managed another success at the WBC-HSBE Championships.

However, the following year, 2014, became a backdrop again as he declared taking a pause from the sport. He also had stated that the purpose of his leave was to overcome his personal calls. But the people didn’t believe that, and soon, there were rumours that it wasn’t a break but suspension. Numerous people were claiming that he was suspended due to being tested positive for drugs. The words had become so massive that the PGA Tour had to come in front. The PGA Tour then went on to explain that it was not the case.

Then again, when he made a return in the year 2015, he established his potential. The same he landed in the list of top 15 players of professional golf around the globe. The following ear was a massive success as he ascended from the top 15 list to the top 3.

Then in the year 2017, Dustin Johnson finally made the history of being the number one golfer throughout the globe.

Also, if you didn’t notice, Mr Johnson had made it to his ten seasons with this title. But the intriguing fact- each season, he had a title to take home to. This was a tick only achieved by Jack Niklaus and Tiger Wood prior to him.

The year following this, were like a roller coaster ride for him as his back injury took a few of his opportunities. But yet again, in the year 2019, he was able to make it to the top rankings in the whole world.

The bottom line on Dustin Johnson net worth

Dustin Johnson Net worth
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So, the bottom line on Dustin Johnson net worth is a massive amount of $50 million. Adding to that is a whole lot of winning titles. All that adds to his world number one player is his consistency and the will to come back and win.

Starting at the age of 23 and till now, Dustin has been through a fantastic ride of ups and downs. His back injury, break, might have taken him a few steps back, but the man never settles for less. He has always made a massive comeback. And as the effect, we all can se he is the world’s best golf player.

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