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The upcoming few weeks in the English Premier League are surely going to be very interesting. After Chelsea’s victory over West Ham, the race for the top four places looks stable from outside. However, we believe that the upcoming English Premier League fixtures can indeed turn the tables. Moreover, after sharing one point with Newcastle, Liverpool’s hopes for the top four are minor. But, if Leicester or Chelsea managed to concede one or two defeats, things might shape again for the Merseyside. 

Also, the relegation battle is still not quite over. Currently, Brighton is just seven points away from joining the relegation zone. Thus, a few perfect results for Fulham can indeed make things interesting. However, Brighton has recently shown a better form, and their chance of dropping into the relegation zone is doubtful. 

English Premier League fixtures
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Lastly, the league title has already been decided as Manchester City is leading everyone in the table. Thus, it’s just a matter of time when Pep Guardiola’s team will get their hands on the trophy. But, the remaining English Premier League Fixtures are looking exciting and thrilling. Let’s have a detailed view of the upcoming major fixtures: 

English Premier League Fixtures for the Top 4s

As mentioned above, Manchester City is comfortable in the first place and will end their season at the top. Likewise, their rivals Manchester United is also pretty stable in the second position. However, the third and fourth places of the English Premier League have seen various teams already. Currently, Leicester is in 3rd place with 59 points and Chelsea in 4th place with 58 points. 

Now, believe it or not, but four other teams are also hunting for these spots in the EPL. Thus, the upcoming English Premier League Fixtures are more crucial for the next season’s UCL. 

English Premier League fixtures
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Firstly, another London side, West Ham, is in 5th place with 55 points. Also, the winner of the previous season, Liverpool, is right behind them with 54 points. Thus, a change in fortune for any of these teams can entirely change the shape of the current table. 

Apart from this, the 7th placed team, Tottenham Hotspurs, and the 8th placed, Everton, will surely try to reach the Europa League spot. We believe that these next fixtures will indeed decide the race of the top four:

  • Leicester City vs. Crystal Palace on 26 April 2021
  • Manchester City vs. Chelsea on 8 May 2021
  • West Ham vs. Everton on 9 May 2021
  • Man United vs. Leicester City on 11 May 2021
  • Chelsea vs. Arsenal on 12 May 2021
  • Chelsea vs. Leicester City on 15 May 2021
  • Leicester City vs. Tottenham on 23 May 2021

English Premier League Fixtures for the relegation battle

It’s indeed a great honour and highly profitable for the English clubs to compete in the EPL. However, it’s not easy for many clubs to stay in this competition as the EFL championship sides are also fighting for these spots. As a result, it’s pretty fun and exciting to watch the relegation battle in the English Premier League.

Currently, Fulham, West Brom, and Sheffield United are in 18th, 19th, and 20th place, respectively. On the other hand, clubs like Norwich and Watford have already been promoted from the EFL championship. But, except for Sheffield United, it’s still unclear which other two clubs will join them. 

English Premier League fixtures
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Currently, Fulham is in 17th place with 27 points and West Brom in 18th place with 25 points. But Newcastle and Brighton aren’t that far from relegation as they currently sit in 15th and 16th place. Thus, a couple of defeats for any of these two clubs can give hope to Fulham’s fans. Some crucial English Premier League fixtures for the relegation battle are as follows: 

  • Brighton vs. Leeds United on 1 May 2021
  • Newcastle vs. Arsenal on 2 May 2021
  • Fulham vs. Burnley on 11 May 2021
  • Brighton vs. Manchester City on 15 May 2021
  • Fulham vs. Newcastle on 23 May 2021

Other important English Premier League Fixtures

The upcoming English Premier League fixtures for mid-table clubs can be less effective, but there’ll be no compromise with entertainment. Moreover, these fixtures will feature many historic and modern rivalries among the English Premier League clubs. Some of these upcoming matches in the EPL are as follows: 

  • Manchester United vs. Liverpool on 2 May 2021
  • Manchester City vs. Chelsea on 8 May 2021
  • West Ham vs. Everton on 9 May 2021
  • Chelsea vs. Arsenal on 12 May 2021
  • Manchester City vs. Everton on 23 May 2021

Some of these fixtures might not affect the EPL table too much but will indeed offer an excellent football for 90 minutes. Moreover, Chelsea and Manchester City are still alive in the UEFA Champions League. Thus, their upcoming English Premier League Fixtures can get scheduled for different dates. The semifinals for both Manchester City and Chelsea will take place as: 

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  • Real Madrid vs. Chelsea (Leg 1) on 27 April 2021
  • PSG vs. Manchester City (Leg 1) on 28 April 2021
  • Manchester City vs. PSG (Leg 2) on 4 May 2021
  • Chelsea vs. Real Madrid (Leg 2) on 5 May 2021

The final round of the UEFA Champions League will take place on 29 May 2021 in Istanbul.

Concluding on our EPL Fixtures

All in all, the upcoming fixtures in the EPL are full of entertainment and exciting results. Moreover, clubs like Leicester City and Chelsea have the best chance to finish their season in the top four. But, teams like West Ham and Liverpool will surely try their best to spoil the party. Moreover, due to upcoming matches in the UEFA Champions League and FA Cup, it will not be easy for Leicester and Chelsea. 

On the other hand, the relegation battle isn’t over, and there’s plenty of drama left in the lower section of the league. While Fulham and West Brom will fight to come out of it, clubs like Brighton and Newcastle will try their best to save themselves from consecutive defeats. Moreover, with the return of Norwich and Watford, the next season of the EPL will bring more entertainment to English football. 

Lastly, after analyzing all English Premier League fixtures, we’re predicting that Chelsea and Leicester City will finish in the top four. Likewise, Fulham and West Brom might have to stay in the relegation zone and make ways for clubs from the EFL championship. But remember that English Premier League is unpredictable, and everything is possible in these upcoming fixtures. So, if your team is still in the top 4s, then don’t get overconfident. In the same way, if your team is still fighting in the relegation zone, then don’t lose hope. Every result is possible in the English Premier League, and that’s the beauty of our lovely football.