Manchester City’s Champions League ban overturned


Manchester City ban overturned in Champions League by the Court of Arbitration for Sports (CAS). The club alleges to have serious breaches and corruption. Mostly in Financial Fair Play. It is the reason for its two-year ban from the champions league. However, in the final verdict by CAS, the ban gets removed. On the grounds of City not showing cooperation with the Union of European Football Association (UEFA). Also, the club’s fine of €30 million was now reduce to €10 million. The three lawyers panel of CAS found the Manchester City failed to cooperate with UEFA financial fair play policies. Furthermore, it charged €10 million as a fine. Moreover, The panel stated that the clubs must cooperate with the governing body’s investigation.


From 2012 to 2016, the City had alleged and found guilty in many serious breaches and Financial fair play. Also, Considering these allegations, UEFA banned City for playing in Champions League for two seasons. In this context, the City appealed at the CAS against the UEFA ban. However, the City had managed to win the appeal in CAS.

Considering the severe breaches and Fairplay issues, UEFA investigated in the beginning months of 2019. Many allegations came out regarding the primary financial sponsors of the City. The significant funding of the City was from Abu Dhabi. Indeed, it pointed out that multiple funding got misuse. Manchester City had refused to cooperate with UEFA investigations, which resulted in a fine of €10 million. The CAS stated that obstructing UEFA investigation is a violation.

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More Details

However, it’s inappropriate to ban Manchester from league pointing out this issue-added CAS. On the other hand, CAS also stated that no full judgment is entirely out. Only a brief one-page press is released. However, the top reasons and explanations will not get exhibits for the public for a few days.

Court Verdict and Response

  Manchester City most awaited the CAS final verdict. Team management welcomed the judgment. It stated that “The club welcomes the implications of today’s ruling as a validation of the club’s position and the body of evidence that was able to present. The club wishes to thank the panel members for their diligence and the due process that they administrated.

The City pointed out that there is no wrong going on in the team. And also, accused UEFA of having biased judgments against the team. In response to CAS verdict, UEFA stated: “There was insufficient conclusive evidence to uphold all of the CFCB’s conclusion. Also, In this specific case, many of the alleged breaches were time-barred due to the five years foreseen in the UEFA regulations”.

More Details

A few days back the manager of Manchester city Pep Guardiola responded that the team authority is waiting for a favorable verdict. After the verdict, he expresses that he is ‘Incredibly happy”. A few days back, Manchester City Kevin De Bruyne expressed his willingness to stay at the club. However, the Manchester City ban overturned in Champions League by the CAS had a substantial positive impact on the City. More than a considerable relief, lifting the ban helped City maintain its status, finance, and popularity.

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