“Richest NBA players in the world” is always a curious topic to look in. Basketball is the 4th most popular sport in the world, having an estimated 2 billion global followers. The International Basketball Federation (FIBA) is the highest governing body of basketball. Apart from this, the National Basketball Association (NBA) is a popular American men’s professional league. It is one of the four major professional sports leagues in the United States and Canada. NBA consists of 30 teams, 29 in the United States, and 1 in Canada. Moreover, the NBA is the wealthiest professional sports league after the National Football League (NFL) and Major League Baseball (MLB). Indeed, the NBA has a separate fan base across the globe. Now let’s dig into the World’s Richest NBA players of all time.

1)Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan is one of the most famous NBA players in the world. The estimated net worth of $ 1.9 billion making him the world’s richest NBA player. He began his career in 1984 in the popular club Chicago bulls. At the very beginning of the season, Jordan scored an average of 28.2 points per game in the first season. Moreover, in the very next year, he awarded the NBA Rookie of the year. Apart from Chicago bulls, he had also played with Washington Wizards. Over a total of 19 years of his career, Jordan retired from the sports three times. In 1993, he retired for the first time and again in 1998. However, the final retirement of Jordan was in 2003.


In the year 2014, Jordan became the first NBA player to be a billionaire. Moreover, he is the fourth-richest African American after Robert Smith, David Steward, and Oprah Winfrey. According to Forbes Magazine 2020, Michael Jordan ranked in the top list of the word’s richest NBA players. He is one of the best effectively marketed athletes in the world. Also, he played a key role in spreading the popularity of the NBA across the world. Even though Jordan retired in 2005 from the International career, he still has a good market value.

2)Magic Johnson

Earvin Johnson, Popularly known as Magic Johnson, is an all-time popular NBA Finals. Johnson’s net worth about 600 million makes him the second richest NBA player in the world. He began his career in the late 1980’s. Johnson, in his career, had faced many controversies. However, he had overcome all his struggles and controversies by his performances. In his whole NBA career, Johnson had retired three times. However, his final retirement to the NBA career was in the year 2000.


Throughout Johnson’s career, he was won many awards. Indeed, he has three MVP, NBA awards, and five championships in his name. As well as that, he was honored as one of the 50 players in NBA history.

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 3)LeBron James

He is one of the star players of the Los Angeles Lakers NBA team. The estimated net worth of $450 million, makes him one of the richest NBA player. Apart from his professional basketball, he is also an entrepreneur from Akron and Ohio. In the field of the NBA, James is “King James.”


Furthermore, LeBron has good field records and is often compared with the legendary NBA player of all time Michael Jordan. The awards and accomplishments show his career excellence. The most valuable player award, two gold medals in Olympic, are some of his notable achievements.

4)Shaquille O’Neal

Shaquille O’Neal is one of the most sensational NBA players of all time. From his gigantic look and figure, he had always been a challenge to the opposite team. However, he is having a net worth of 400 dollars, that makes him one of the richest NBA player in the world.


He made his debut in the year 1992 and had a good career of 19 years. Shaquille retired in 2011; he finally played for Boston Celtics. Moreover, he had won 4 NBA championships. Also, other highlights in his career are the Most valuable person award, NBA All-star, and so on. Currently, he is active as a sports analyst.

5) David Robinson

David Maurice Robinson, also is known as “the admiral,” is one of the most popular NBA players. Before making his NBA career, he worked in the US navy that was created in his admiral nickname. He made his debut in 1989 and retired in 2003. Furthermore, Robinson was quite consistent in the team he played. He played for San Antonio Spurs for 14 years without a broken gap.

Richest NBA Players

Moreover, Robinson is awarded many titles including,NBA champion, NBA MVP, NBA All-Star, and so on. However, having an estimated net worth of $200 million makes in the list of top richest NBA players.

6)Hakeem Olajuwon

This Nigerian American NBA player, Hakeem Olajuwon was the Star player of the mid-’80s and ’90s. He started his career in 1984 for the Houston Rockets team. Later, he also played for Toronto Raptors. Moreover, Hakeem had led Houston Rockets for the NBA championship in 1994-95. From the effortless game that Olajuwon exhibits, he nicknamed “the Dream.”

Richest NBA Players

Hakeem has won many titles and awards throughout his career and later. He had won the NBA champion award for two times. Also, recently Hakeem get selects as the FIBA Hall of Fame in 2016. However, having an estimated net worth of $200 million makes him one of the richest NBA player in the world.

7)Kevin Garnett

Kevin Maurice Garnett is one of the most popular NBA player known for his intense field abilities. He made his debut career in 1995 and overall played 21 seasons in NBA. Kevin had a long 21 years of career and got retired in 2016. Also, in his career, Kevin played for the Minnesota Timberwolves, Boston Celtics, and Brooklyn Nets.

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Richest NBA Players

However, Kevin has many awards and titles in his name. He was the NBA champion in the year 2008, and also he holds many other career highlights. Furthermore, an estimated net worth of $190 million makes him one of the world’s richest NBA players.

8)Grant Hill

Grant hill, one of the most sensational NBA player is still popular among NBA fans. In the year 1994 he made his first entry in Detroit Pistons. However, other than Detroit Piston he had played three more teams. In 2000 he joined in Orlando Magic, then in Phoenix Suns (2007)  and finally in Los Angeles Clippers (2012).

Richest NBA Players

He announced his international NBA retirement in 2013. Grant had tremendous career highlights, he had won NBA All Star award seven times. The total calculated net worth of Grant Hill is $180 million, which puts him the world’s richest NBA players list.

9)Kevin Durant

Kevin Wayne Durant is the most Star player of Brooklyn Nets. He started his career in 2007 in Seattle SuperSonics, having long terms with team for 9 years. Later in 2016, he went to Golden State Warriors and continued till 2019. However, in present from 2019 he is playing for Brooklyn Nets.

Richest NBA Players

By till now he had won NBA champion two times. He has got more away to go and is one of the best active NBA players. An estimated net worth of $170 million makes him one of the richest NBA players.

10)James Harden

The bearded style person of NBA, James Harden is the popular player of Houston Rockets. James made his career in the year 2009 for Oklahoma City, and was part of the team till 2012. However, he is currently in Houston Rockets and is considered as the best shooting guard of the team.

Richest NBA Players

James was the Most Valuable Player of the NBA in the year 2018. The estimated net worth of James is $165 million, that makes him one of the world’s richest NBA player.


National Basketball Association (NBA) is one among the world’s popular sports leagues. So its quite obvious that the players of the NBA have a decent fan base. In this context, people will be curious to know about their star’s more details and net worth. Here we have looked top 10 richest NBA players of all time.

 Even though, few of the discussed players had made their NBA retirement. They are still in people’s minds, and also their contribution will be always counted. Undoubtedly, the above-discussed details about your star player will help you to know more about them.