How many players on a basketball team-Know Facts and More


Basketball is a popular sport globally, with an estimated fan base of 450 million people. Especially in the USA, basketball ranks number 1 in the matter of popularity. However, few doubts commonly arise in many different aspects of the game. How many players on a basketball team is one such frequently having query. Besides, questions also pop up regarding the player’s position, rules, and regulations, etc. So let’s dig more about all the aspects of this game. 

How many players on a basketball team

How many players on a basketball team may sound simple, but it is always a relevant query. There are five active players on the basketball. However, there are seven more who sit on the bench as a substitute. The total number will be 12, but five members from each team can play the game on the court.

In some instances, other than the seven substitute players, there will be no more players. These players are known as inactive players. Usually, in the NBA, such backup inactive players are commonly seen. Now the answer to how many players on a basketball team has answered. Furthermore, let’s look at the other dimension of this, like the player’s position and more.

Players position on a basketball team

Players’ position in a basketball is crucial for winning the game. Many people are unaware of the basketball players, their roles, and responsibilities. Here let’s have a elaborate details about this aspect of the game.

How many players on a basketball team-Know Facts and More

Point Guard

Generally, the point guard will be the shortest player of a basketball team. However, the average height of basketball players is 6 feet 7 inches. The player in the point guard plays a vital role in the game. Indeed, he is responsible for setting the team’s offense. The point guard player advances, dribbling, and passing the ball. Also, for this, it needs enormous skill and ability. Apart from the game skill, a point guard should have an excellent IQ to make sensible moves. The player needs to understand the tactics of the defensive players and should act accordingly. Therefore, for this reason, the point guard is also known as the on court coach.

Magic Johnson Source:


Besides, the skill and IQ a point should exhibit selfless quality on the field to taste the team to victory. At times the player at guard position gets selfish trying to score by himself, which is not the right way. The point guard needs to understand his teammates‘ strengths and weaknesses so that he can manage the game accordingly. Furthermore, when the defensive players come into the court, the point guard is the one who tries to stop the attempt. The player may use his strength and ability to make the opponent’s attempts in vain. The over-all point guard is one of the main pillars of a basketball team. Magic Johnson, Chris Paul, and Steph curry are the famous point guard players. 

Shooting Guard


How many players on a basketball team-Know Facts and More
kobe Bryant

Shooting guard players can also be short in height. They are also known in the name of the off guard. It is the best position where the players can score for their team. However, the player should exhibit a consistent performance. Also, he should be capable of shooting the ball correctly from the mid-range and outrange. At times, the shooting guard can be an excellent assist to the point guard also. On the defensive side aspect, the shooting guard can be handy enough to resist the opponent team’s scoring attempts. Kobe Bryant, Michael Jordan, and James harden are few prominent shooting guard players. 

Small Forward

Lebron James

Unlike the point guard and shooting guard, small forwards are the most versatile players on a basketball team. They are usually much taller with well-built structures. The primary role of a small forwarder is to play both offensively and defensively in the game. Also, they are capable of scoring the ball outside and inside. Indeed, they are all-rounders of the team. Lebron James, Scottie Pippen, and Kevin Durant are the few notable small forward players.

Power forward 

Kevin Love

Usually, power forwards are the second tallest player on the team. They play close to the rim and score more points helping the team to get a victory. Also, with tremendous ability and size, they can box out the opponents and can secure rebounds. Kevin love, Karl Malone, Dennis rodman are the few famous power forward players.


Shaquille O’ Neal

Generally, the tallest player of a basketball teams plays in the center position. They mostly stay close to the rim and score the most points. Indeed, the central role of these players is to convert the attempts into a score. A high hand and sensible moves with a high IQ is a quality that a center player needs. In the defensive context of the game, the center players defend and rebound the basket. Shaquille O’ Neal and Bill Russel are the notable centers.

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Other than the above five positions, there two more categories of players. Generally, this aspect gets unnoticed. But for a basketball lover, these two positions is a matter to understand.

The sixth man 

Besides, the five player’s sixth man is the one who first comes to the court from the bench. There is no such permanent sixth man position in the team, and it varies in different games. However, the player who comes as a sixth man will be versatile enough. He should be able to play well in any position. Indeed, the main reason to bring the sixth man is to add more to the team. Jason Terry, Jamal Crawford, Eric Gordon are the few who play as the sixth man in a team. 

The Bench

The backup players or the substitute who sits on the sideline is known as bench players. They should be ready anytime for the team as a substitute. There will usually be 2-4 as bench players or even more. However, their play in a match is uncertain. It depends on the active player’s game and match’s intensity. In short, the bench players will be useful according to the need of their team. 


Basketball is one of the world’s most beautiful games. In recent times many more possibilities of the game have opened up. Also, the popularity of the sport is not limited to one geographical area. Considering all these aspects, it is quite common that thousands of new people are getting attracts to basketball. So how many players on the basketball team is a common query that comes out. Undoubtedly, by understanding the more aspects and dimensions of basketball, a person can enjoy the game to its fullest.