How to Get Better at Tennis

Did you know that more than 21 million people played tennis last year? If you’re one of those people, you know how fun and addictive tennis is! Whether you’re a tennis beginner or an experienced player, you’re probably looking for ways how to Get Better at Tennis. Well, the key to improving at any sport is practice! The more intentional and targeted the practice is, the better it is for your game and the faster you improve. 

In this guide, you’ll find some good drills ways to practice so you can improve your tennis game! 


Before playing, it’s important to warm up both your body and your brain. Begin a day on the courts with a mini-rally with your partner. Stand on the service line opposite them, and tap the ball back and forth. 

Don’t hit aggressively or try to score, the point of this drill is to rally as long as possible. This will help you get a better feel for the ball and the power of your strikes.

Practice Proper Form

You’ve probably heard that you should follow through on every stroke. Imagine your racket is a phone. You should picture answering the phone after every swing.

If you’re learning to play tennis, talk yourself through every step of the swing. Practice without a ball at first, then try using a ball machine to feed tennis balls to you.

The more you practice your stroke form, the more instinctual it becomes and you’ll find yourself able to play tennis without overthinking!

Work On Your Serve

If you’re working on your rallying, you’ll need a partner. But, to improve your tennis serve, you need a lot of tennis balls and an empty court!

Practice serving so it lands in the proper box every time. Serve from both sides of the court so it becomes second nature! 

You can also practice some more advanced serves. The topspin serve is more difficult to execute but can be very effective in stopping your opponent. Read more about the topspin serve in this article.

Self Assess

Hitting the ball around the court for a while isn’t enough to push your tennis to the next level. If you find yourself missing shots, take the time to analyze what went wrong.

Are you staying grounded on your feet? Are you following through?

Figure out what’s wrong and work on your mistakes. Playing tennis for beginners is all about honest self-assessment.

Break It Down

If you love tennis, you might find yourself watching professional tennis and wondering how to get to that level. You won’t be able to step on the court and play with the skill of Serena Williams right away. But remember that at one point, Serena Williams played at the same level you’re playing at now!

Watch professional tennis matches, and break down their strategies and techniques. Start small, and work your way up.

For example, if you want to get a powerful serve, start by focusing on your knees. Focus on bending and straightening your knees at the right points in the swing. Then work on exploding up into the ball. Chunk down the tennis technique you want to work on, and master it!

How to Get Better at Tennis? Practice!

Remember that the only way how to get better at tennis is to practice mindfully. Next time you’re on the court, try to apply these tennis tips. You won’t get better overnight, but with diligent practice, you can improve rapidly!

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