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Since 3000 BC, Sports have been one of the top-notch ways of entertainment. Do you know? Wrestling is the first-ever sport invented in France. To the reader’s surprise, explorers have found over 15 000 years old paintings in Lascaux of France that portrayed the sport of wrestling. In today’s world, it also acknowledges as a combat sport. For the most part, it is one of the top 10 most popular sports in the world. 

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To begin with, sports have been one special activity that holds no disadvantage. That’s right! From healthcare benefits to accomplishing fitness goals and a high-end career in Olympics; Sports give a chance to fulfill all your dreams. More often than not, from a very early age, primary students are motivated to indulge in sports activities to find their major strength. Not only this, but in the history of sports, we have come across many legends who stunned the world with their real-time success stories like Mary Kom, Cristiano Ronaldo, Mike Tyson, Novak Djokovic, and Kassim Ouma. 

most popular sports 2020
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Above all, there have been athletes who entertained their career in sports and overcame their disabilities. Hence, the world has learned that there’s no excuse for sports. Athletes with disabilities like Erik Weihenmayer, Trischa Zorn, and Kyle Maynard have proved that their passion is bigger than anything. Today, we present the top 10 most popular sports in the world 2019-2020 in which you can begin a high-end career: 

FOOTBALL (Or, popularly called SOCCER): Most Popular Sports in America

Walter Camp in 1976 had invented Football. It was considered one of the first-ever team sports embraced by almost every country in the world. For example, Canadian Football is a term used for Canada’s way of playing football. Rugby Football or Union is used in Australia for football. Similarly, every country has adopted Football as per their desire and convenience. 

most popular sports by viewership
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Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo are the stars of Football from Argentina and Portuguese, respectively. To kickstart a career in football, there are special football training schools in America. Not only this, but almost every school and college consists of a Football team to encourage and train potential soccer players and train them for playing at the international level one day. If you are one of the footballers in your school’s football team, you are on the right path. 

Finally, according to the world’s most popular sports by viewership and participation, Football stands in the first position. Do you know? The average viewership for live football games is over 22 Million people. 


Do you love it when all the eyes are on you? Well! Badminton is one such sport that has encouraged the term semi-outdoor sports. That’s right! In countries like Asia and America, Badminton has played on a sports court. Not only this, but this sport is also quite popular among civilians.

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Many Indians engage in the game of Badminton in their creative ways. It would be very stereotypical to say that it is a sport for girls only, which is not true! Top male badminton players like Lin Dan, Lee Chong Wei, Prakash Padukone, Peter Gade, and Mohamad Ahsan have proven the sexists wrong. Saina Nehwal and P.V. Sindhu are the top badminton female players in the world. 


To the reader’s surprise, Badminton was invented in Poona, India, in 1860(s) during the British Rule. Apart from this, other countries that adopted the sports swiftly were Greece and China. 


For the most part, Hockey is the national sport of India. In several countries, Hockey is taken for granted. However, many countries take hockey for the modification of soccer. It is one of the most popular sports in the world in 2020 by participation and viewership. It is popularly known as Field Hockey.

most popular sports in the world
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According to the statistics, Hockey is top-notch sports in over 100 countries, i.e., 5 continents out of 7 take an interest in Hockey. Thus, whether you are in Asia, Japan, America, England, or Canada, you can always start a career in Hockey if you like the idea of pucks, hockey sticks, and goals. 

Another very widely growing sport inspired by Hockey is Ice Hockey. It was originally in Canada in the 19th Century. For the first time in 1998, Ice Hockey Tournaments took place in the Olympics. Sounds stunning!


The world does not get out of ideas when it comes to “Ball” in the game. Again, Volleyball ranks at 4th when it comes to the most participated sports in the world. Do you know? In 2020, over 900 million people at the global level will participate in volleyball games happening worldwide. However, this sport has originated in America.

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Yet, countries like Brazil, Russia, Cuba, Serbia, Italy, Germany, Poland, China, and many others have welcomed Volleyball and discovered the best volleyball players in the world. Earvin N’Gapeth is one of the best known french volleyball players with a history of winning the European, French, and Italian Championships. 


According to the official Basketball participation reports by FIBA, in 2020, over 450 million people will participate in Basketball games all over the world, although the digits are jaw-dropping.

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In several American schools and colleges, Basketball counts as one of the official games. Various inter-school and intercollege basketball matches took place. Hence, if you love to fight for a ball until you make a goal, Basketball is one of the best choices that you can make. A basketball career is also of a high standard. Since 1891, Basketball has remained the national game of Lithuania. 


If you can’t recognize Tennis, imagine a racket sport. That’s right! Tennis is a sport where two players throw a racket back and forth towards each other and prevent it from dropping on the ground. Does it sound similar to Badminton? Well! There are differences, especially when it comes to rules and regulations.

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In comparison to Badminton, Tennis is less popular. Yet, it is the most famous sports in the world. In 1924, for the first time, Tennis was a part of the Olympic games. It had indeed introduced in 1859 in Birmingham, England. Roger Federer, Serena Williams, Sania Mirza, Jimmy Connors, and Maria Sharapova are famous tennis players in the world. 

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CRICKET: Most popular sports in Asia

The craze of Cricket is beyond the imagination in countries like India, Pakistan, and England. Popular Cricket tournaments such as the Indian Premier League has widely celebrated. Many cricket players from all over the world join Indian Cricketers to take part in the IPL.

To the reader’s surprise, Cricket had invented in South-East England and further adapted by Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Asia, and Africa. The most popular cricketers list 2020 includes Virat Kohli, Sachin Tendulkar, Chris Gayle, and Brian Lara. Not only this, but Australia has also given rise to female Cricketers like Ellyse Perry. Although, the sad part is countries like India enjoy cricket matches between male players and pay less attention to female cricket matches. 

most popular sports in India

So, in the event that you want to begin a career in Female Cricket. We say, “you go for it, girl.” Because the new generation is creating a world where gender-biases and sexism will not be terms anymore. 


In 2016, the Rio Olympic Games included Table Tennis as one of the games. And the results were surprising. Do you know? Over 500 million people watched the game with full intensity. Hence, we can say that in the 21st century, Table Tennis has become one of the most popular sports in the world by viewership.

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In several countries, table tennis is known as a ping-pong game. However, it is not a “sissy” game at all. Even the television series like F.R.I.E.N.D.S embraced the intensity of the game during one of the episodes. And, that was in early 2000(s). Hence, the future in Table Tennis will far-bright presume that you are inspired to play it. 


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Drop the ball because Baseball is the future of the sport. This game was first played in England (18th century) and U.S.A (19th century) with many modifications. To the reader’s surprise, sports lovers in Asia, America, and the Caribbean take the best interest in this sport. Apart from this, the most popular sports team in the world also belongs to baseball’s sports background, I .e.., the New York Yankees. 

GOLF: Most Oldest Sports in the World

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Do you want to play the most classic sports of all time? Well! Golf is the winner here. Here’s a fun fact: After Wrestling, Golf is one of the world’s oldest most popular sports. It had invented in the 15th century in the Kingdom of Scotland. In the Olympics, Golf has been on the official games list four times only, i.e.., in 1900, 1904, 2016, and 2020 Summer Olympics. Tiger Woods is among the most prominent players of Golf. He holds the record of winning PGA Tour career victories (82 all-times). 

Epilogue for most popular sports in the world

So, which sports do you think fits best for you? There’s no hurry! Because you don’t have to pick one right away. In the early career in Sports, many sportspeople explored different sports and built careers in multiple fields. So, the sports field is your free will. Get it done right! Till then, Good luck!


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