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‘He stands for everything we believe in’: Marc Reininger hasn’t played much, but made mark on Utah basketball team

Salt Lake City – Utah basketball team will only have one senior on their roster this year, but most probably won’t know it, with a long story of the season about 11 freshmen rookies and four sophomores. In fact, even the most cranial fans of Ute may not even know who Marc Reinerger is.

Six feet nine, 230 pounds, usually a minute to blow a game, and have hardly played in the last four seasons. For his career, he has earned less than 10 points while playing less than one season of the game. This year, when he had a legitimate opportunity for more minutes, he is limited to only three games for injury.

But when ask Coach  Larry Krystkowiak and Ute players, they will tell that the liner, which will be awarded on Saturday before the game against Colorado is an integral part of The Ute’s team.

‘He stands for everything we believe in’: Marc Reininger hasn’t played much, but made mark on Utah basketball team

Cristokowiak said that He’s a great guy and he’s working very hard. He further said that there is no doubt where Marc’s heart lies. It is always marked and offers sparks for our boys. He is an excellent student, an excellent teammate, and in our basketball program, it represents everything we believe in around here.

Young players on the team look for liners for experience in the program.

He’s the only vet on the team that’s all experienced, so he’s the only guy we’re looking for advice and stuff said Riley Battin, his second and second place. He’s a great person around, he’s a great guy in the locker room, and he’s a good friend. It’s a four-year program, a great person. This year’s luck is bad luck with ankles and noses.”

Liner suffered a serious ankle injury early last summer Kristokowiak said he was probably the worst ankle sprain I’ve ever witnessed), and he sidelined him for more than five months.

When he finally became healthy at the beginning of the Pac-12 season, he played three games against his family and friends, including one game in his hometown. He played 11 minutes against Colorado, earning four points, including three points, and recording his career’s best four rebounds.