Jusuf Nurkic out for trail blazers through break
Jusuf Nurkic out for trail blazers through break

Jusuf Nurkic (leg) appears to be on Trail Blazers during a break

The Portland Trail Blazers Center’s Jusuf Nurkic (leg) is not expected to make its regular-season debut until after the All-Star Break. For more information about the situation, tell the USA TODAY Sports Media Group.

Nurkic achieved his first full practice on Wednesday, but Trail Blazers head coach Terry Stotts did not provide a timeline for great men. Nurkic will probably be limited when activated, and will probably have to compete with Hassan Whiteside for a few minutes. Trail Blazers will host Dallas Mavericks on Thursday.

On the Fire NBA heatmap, The Trail Blazers has the second-lowest total (114.25 points) on the 3 game list on Thursday

Jusuf Nurkic’s Downtown Portland Trail Blazers fully participated in practice for the first time from a broken leg

Jusuf Nurkic out for trail blazers through break
Jusuf Nurkic out for trail blazers through break

Jusuf Nurkic of the Portland Trail Blazers Center prepares to participate in full practice with the team 10 months after suffering a severe foot injury from a water foot, and will be on the field at Tualatin’s team practice facility on Wednesday. I came to

Nurkic has made steady progress and has participated in training for full contact with the team’s assistant coach in recent weeks, but on Wednesday the first 7-foot center was able to perform the rest and full practice It was time for his teammates.

He fully participated in the team’s four-to-four and five-to-five half-court drills during practice and started dumping at once during the session.

He experienced complete practice, said Blazers coach Terry Stotts. Most of it was half-court, but it went all over. I did half-court 4-4, 5-5. He is working with a coach and some young boys It is the first time that it was 5 to 5.

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Nurkic suffered a left leg fracture in her second overtime with Brooklyn Nets at a fashion center last March. The Blazers were intentionally ambiguous on the schedule to return to court, and Stots did not indicate when the Bosnian center would debut the season, but Nurki was always expected to return in February.