Daryl Johnston
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Do you follow the National Football League with a microscope? If yes, then you wouldn’t have missed former Dallas Cowboys’ fullback player – Daryl Johnston, who is now a part of USFL (United States Football League). You may also recognize him by his field name “Moose” or “M. Johnston.” To the reader’s surprise, Mr. Johnston is not simply the Great Buffalo’s hall of fame, but he had gained a lot of name and reputation in the media as a Sports analyst when he joined FOX. But, more on that later!

Daryl Johnston
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This handsome former American Football Fullback is nowhere near retiring. It is valid taking a closer look at his daily lifestyle, income, net worth, marriage, and controversies he is involved in. Today, we brought you a brief Logue on everything you need to know about Moose, NFL’s famous fullback and current vice president for football operations at USFL. 

Without delaying anymore, let’s get started: 

Who is Daryl Johnson? 

To begin with, today, everyone knows Daryl Peter “Moose” Johnston as the major commentator, a fullback at National Football League for Dallas Cowboys, and a broadcaster at FoxPress. But, before all that, Johnston, in 1966, was a small newborn in the Johnston family. He originally comes from Youngstown, New York, in the United States. 

According to the inside details, Daryl, during school years, showed greater interest in sports, especially football. In 1983, he obtained the title “Western New York Player of the Year,” and his team also won the Lewis High School football game in his senior year in 1984. Thus, hopes for Daryl’s success in football were already brighter. 

Image credit: Sportsnaut – Dallas Cowboy fullback Daryl “Moose” Johnston grabs a pass from Troy Aikman good for a first down against the Chicago Bears at Texas Stadium in Irving, TX 28 September. The Cowboys won the contest 27-3. AFP PHOTO/Paul K. BUCK (Photo by PAUL BUCK / AFP)

In 1985, he moved to Syracuse to join Syracuse University. He enlightened his career in football as a fullback. By the end of college, Daryl obtained the attention of many sports teams. Surprisingly enough, from the university, he graduated as an economics major. 

According to Mr. Johnston’s college-time fullback records, he overcame 1830 yards and 45 passes which indeed broke previous records set by Larry Richard Snocska. 

Currently, in 2022, Mr. Johnston is working as a broadcaster at NFL Fox, where he is also accompanied by Kevin Burkhardt. 

However, there is a good chance that you know every basic detail about Daryl Johnston already. But, some facts about this charming broadcaster are still hidden. Let’s begin this journey to know him better than ever!

#1: Daryl Johnston Net Worth

Do you know? During Daryl Johnston’s short-term career in the NFL as a fullback, he earned a good amount of money. Without a doubt, he is still associated with the National Football League as a broadcaster of Fox Sports. Thus, fans are eager to know how much money exactly does Johnston has? Well! The answer is going to surprise you. 

According to the sportsmen’s net worth reports with us, Daryl Johnston’s Net Worth stands at $3 Million. In 1984, while playing football for his high-school Lewis Porter Football team, Johnston played a significant move that led the team to win the championship. For this win, he also became a big-time talk among the All-Americans 1988 and All-Big East, for which he received honors at such a young age. 

Daryl Johnston
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According to 1997 reports on Dallas Cowboys Contract, they signed Moose or Daryl Johnston for five years, which led him to earn upto $7.500 Million approximately. 

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What you may not know is he is one of the highest-paid fullback players in football. Some reports also put him in the second position in the context of highest-paid fullback in the late 1900s after Smith. 

#2: Emmitt Smith inspired by Daryl Johnston

To begin with, the retirement of Daryl Johnston in 1999 after a hardcore injury came out as a saddening moment for many fans out there. However, it made Emmitt Smith saddest. During one of the discussions back in the days, Emmitt Smith told the media that he wouldn’t want any other fullback blocking him but Moose. 

According to the inside details, Smith played in the NFL as a fullback for over 15 years, completing 15 seasons during which he also received hall of fame. All this time, Smith multiple times shows his appreciation towards Daryl. 

Daryl moose Johnston
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Not only this, but during one of the major speeches upon receiving an honor, Emmitt Smith thanked Moose/Daryl J. Surprisingly enough, the duo of Emmitt and Daryl is quite famous. 

#3: Johnston’s salary per game

From 1983 to 1999, Daryl J. gave unlimited moments of victory for his fans to enjoy forever! But fans are eager to know how much did Daryl earn per game? Well! According to our reports, in the first year as a fullback for the Dallas Cowboys in the NFL, Johnston received an annual salary that amounted to 200K USD only. However, inside details disclose that as an added bonus for his wins, he received $2 Million on the side. 

So, our guess is, for further seasons, he received more than 2.5 Million USD per game. In comparison to Emmitt Smith, the amount is less because Emmitt continued his career as a running back playing in the NFL while Daryl retired early. 

#4: When did Daryl J. retire? 

Today, in 2022, it has been 23 years since Daryl Johnston retired from the football field and joined the broadcasters’ cabin up and above. According to the history of the NFL, from 1986 to 1987, Daryl Johnston played as a fullback for the Dallas Cowboys. During this period, he assisted the team win up to 3 games. However, due to a neck injury that seemed to do permanent damage, in 1999, Daryl retired from the field. 

Image credit: Buffalo News and Getty Images – Daryl Johnston

According to the previous interviews, Daryl willingly said goodbye to his career in football and cut it short in order to prevent his family from any further damage due to his health. To the reader’s surprise, Mr. Johnston was only 34 at the time. During the year of his retirement, his overall fullback record was nearly 14000 yards. 

#5: What is Daryl Johnston doing now? 

In 2001, after two years of retirement, Daryl Johnston moved on to new things. However, he did not want to leave his passion for football behind. Hence, he joined Fox Sports as a broadcaster and commentator. After completing 20 years with Fox Channel, he is now the Executive Vice President of Football Operations. That’s right! All football-related news on fox comes directly from the analysis of Daryl. 

Here is a surprising fact: do you know? Before joining Fox Sports in 2001 2000, Daryl also joined CBS. However, the professional relationship did not work out. 

#6: How much does Daryl earn as a broadcaster at Fox? 

Latest sportsmen and broadcaster salary estimation reports with us reveal that Daryl Johnston’s current salary at FOX is approximately 495, 000 per annum. Since 2001, Daryl has improvised his position in the company as an executive vice president of football operations. 

Apart from this, he also acts as a general manager for the San Antonio Commanders football franchise. He has also gained the professional reputation of Players Personnel Director at Dallas Renegade. 

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Daryl’s career with Fox has been very enlightening, it seems. When Mr. Johnston started working for Fox, he was a broadcaster at Fox Sports radio. Ten years later, he joined the NFL commentator cabin of Fox, where he worked on the side of Kenny Gary Albert and Richard Edward Stocks. 

Rumors were when Daryl started with Fox, his salary per year was approximately 50K only. Can you believe it? Share your opinion in the comment section. 

#7: Is Daryl Johnston married? 

In 1995, Daryl Johnston proposed to his long-time girlfriend, Diane Krebs. Finally, in 1996, the couple tied knots. So, the answer is yes, handsome and charming commentator during NFL Games Daryl Johnston has been married happily now for 26 years. 

The inside details reveal that Diane Krebs and Moose met in 1994 while they were shooting a commercial Chevrolet. In Diane’s words, it was love at first sight, which has been going strong ever since. 

#8: What does Diane Krebs do for a living? 

As the story of Diane and Daryl’s first meeting suggests, in the late 1900s, Diane Krebs was a model. Born in 1968, Diane Krebs, wife of fullback NFL former player Daryl Johnston is now 60 years old. According to the career history of Mrs. Johnston, she had a wide modeling portfolio and appeared in many commercials with actors and sportsmen. 

However, after marrying in 1996, the aspects of a career in modeling at a high level for Diane decreased. It seems like she dropped her career to indulge herself in the family. She also crop up on the cover of Sports Illustrated Magazine back in the day. 

Image credit: Sportsnaut – Dallas Cowboy fullback Daryl “Moose” Johnston grabs a pass from Troy Aikman good for a first down against the Chicago Bears at Texas Stadium in Irving, TX 28 September. The Cowboys won the contest 27-3. AFP PHOTO/Paul K. BUCK (Photo by PAUL BUCK / AFP)

Daryl’s wife’s Diane Krebs Net Worth is unknown as she has not been working since 1996. Although, her husband owns $3Million Net Worth in total plus a 500K annual salary from Fox as the executive (VP) vice president of football operations. 

#9: Does Mr. Johnston have kids? 

The answer is yes. Daryl Johnston’s family consists of 3 more members. His wife Daine Krebs and two kids named Evan Elizabeth Johnston and Aidan Wallace Johnston live in Dallas with him.  

According to the research, the career aspects of both kids are still unknown. Details reveal that kids are still pursuing academics. 

#10: Controversies

There are many instances in the life and career span of Daryl Johnston where he has been in voice for all the wrong reasons. Some most well-known controversies he was involved in are: 

In the past few years, Daryl has come under the light of controversy due to his political comments. During one of the national interview, Moose or Mr. Johnston, Fox Sports Analyst, commented that violence in the USA can get worse if the right-wing extremist rises. Back in the day, it created a lot of fuss. However, it turned out the commentator was not Daryl Moose Johnston, but it was Daryl Johnson, a DHS official. 

Daryl Johnston
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According to a report, another controversy raises questions on Daryl’s ability to fit in among the notorious boys of the National Football league. During the rise of Moose’s career, he was very intimidating, however, on a good day. Thus, it is rather challenging for him to obtain the bad boy reputation. Now that he is over 60 already, he does not need one!


1. Who is Daryl Johnston?

A. Daryl Johnston is a famous American professional Football Player.

2. How Old Is Daryl Johnston?

A. He is 57 years old.

3. What is Daryl Johnston’s net worth?

A. Daryl Johnston’s estimated net worth is $3 million.

4. When does Daryl Johnston’s birthday come?

A. His birthday is on 10 February.

5. How tall is Daryl Johnston?

A. He is 6 ft and 2 inches tall.


We hope that now you know everything there is to know about Daryl Johnston or Moose, your favorite former fullback. It makes many fans still sad that a neck injury caused big damage to Daryl’s career on the NFL field. What do you think? Share your opinion below. For more information on your favorite NBA and NFL players, keep us in your bookmarks. Thank you!