Barcelona never offered Xavi to replace Barbie-Abidal

Eric Abidal, the sports director of Barcelona, ​​says there were no formal offers to Zabi for the management recently available at the club.

The legendary former midfielder, who currently drives with Al-Sadd in Qatar, reports extensively that Barça’s first option to replace Ernest Valverde as manager after being dismissed from office in January was made.

Barça finally chose to appoint Kike Setien, a former head of Real Betis, but it seemed that Zabi was destined for that role, along with some claims that he once rejected Brauglana.

Abidal rejects the idea and tells the sport: If you have, show me because I have never seen it.

Abric- Abidal- Said- That- They- Never- Offer-Xavi- To -Join- Barcelona-As- Their -Football- Coach
Abric- Abidal- Said- That- They- Never- Offer-Xavi- To -Join- Barcelona-As- Their -Football- Coach

At the first meeting, Xavi listened, and the second time he had to talk about his plans.

What came out in the media was more political than sports. I don’t do politics. I only talk about football.

I am interested in the way coaches work, and there has been more than we talked about.

Setien started several times with a Camp Nou hot seat, with inconsistent performance and results in the first five games at Helm.

A narrow victory in Granada, Ibiza, and Levante beat Leganés 5-0 in Valencia and a 2-0 defeat in Valencia. ‘The attitude that led to the removal of Valverde.

Meanwhile, Xavi’s Al-Sad side lifted the Qatar Cup and won the last three games of the league.

However, Abidal suggested that he believed that Xavi still did not have enough experience to take on Barça’s work, but that he did not exaggerate the speculation of the press and the press that linked him. It didn’t bother me.

Is it frustrating? No. I did the job, he said.

I stayed with the two coaches, but nothing leaked because that’s my job. It’s impossible to sign a coach without talking to him. After that, any escape will escape.

He doesn’t have much experience. It’s true that he came from here. It may or may not be his moment.

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