Chris- Paul- Named- As- A- New- NBA- All-Star
Chris- Paul- Named- As- A- New- NBA- All-Star

Chris Paul named NBA All-Star 2020

OKLAHOMA CITY, JANUARY 30, 2020 – Oklahoma City Thunder guard Chris Paul has been named the NBA All-Star 2020 and has been announced today by the NBA.

Paul, the former NBA All-Star MVP, is planning his tenth All-Star Game and his first appearance since 2016.

In 48 games of the season, Paul averaged 17.1 points, 6.5 assists to lead the team, 5.0 rebounds and the best team 1.58 steal per game.

With eight NBA honors, Oklahoma City has won a 23-9 record since Thanksgiving. This was the third-best record in the NBA, during which the Western Conference team won the most wins. Since early December, Thunder has been 13-3 on the road. It is classified so that most of the roads in the league win in that section.

Chris- Paul- Named- As- A- New- NBA- All-Star
Chris- Paul- Named- As- A- New- NBA- All-Star

At the time of the clutch, Paul led the league with 112 points, ranked third in Steel (7), shooting 54.3 percent from the field and 93.5 percent from the line. He has +149 with the highest rating of Q4 +/-, and 23 Q4 Steel ranks third in the league.

On 12/14 from Denver, Paul stole the N163 ball and stole Hakeem Olajuwon for the eighth time in the NBA standings. Paul is already ranked number one among all active players. Each player sitting in front of him on that complete list is a member of the Hall of Fame (Stockton, Kid, Jordan, Peyton, Teak, Pippen, Drexler).

The two gold medalists earned 18,000 career points with a victory in the Bulls on December 16, became one of three players in NBA history with more than 18,000 points and more than 9,000 rebounds, and joined John Stockton I joined Thomas I Thomas.

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Oklahoma City has won all the stars in each of the last 11 seasons. This is suitable for the longest active streak in the NBA. This is the eighteenth selection of Thunder stars since 2010, with only 19 from Miami associated with the second Golden State in that period of time.