Tommy Lasorda
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Los Angeles Dodgers manager Tommy Lasorda died at the age of 93. He was one of the celebrated managers in the history of MLB.

On Friday, the Los Angeles Dodgers announced that the legendary manager faced a cardiac arrest while he was at his home in California. He was receiving resuscitation while his family was transporting him to the hospital. He breathed his last at 10:57 pm on Thursday. 

Tommy Lasorda’s deteriorating health condition

The Hall of Famer manager of Dodgers was frequent to the Southern California hospital and had to visit quite a few times during mid-November 2020. He had been suffering from severe health conditions for some time. Lasorda was in ventilators too.

He suffered his first heart attack in 1996, and then he quit his career as a manager. His health had improved with time and got back home a few days earlier. But then suddenly his health had deteriorated, and his death happened on Thursday.

Bobby Valentine expressed his mourn through his Twitter handle, saying that he had no words for this unfortunate demise. He has been friends with Lasorda for 52 years.

Bobby considers Lasorda his mentor too. It is an irreplaceable loss for him personally. He thanked the Los Angeles Dodgers manager for his contribution.

Hall of Fame Tommy Lasorda

Tommy Lasorda got the honor of Hall of Fame in the year 1997. The manager has led the baseball team Los Angeles Dodgers in 1981 and 1988 to the world series.

He was the Manager of the Year in 1983 for the first time and second time in 1988. He was with Dodgers for 71 long years and went on to become a brand ambassador for the team.

The U.S baseball team won gold in the Sydney Olympics under the guidance of Tommy Lasorda.

Stan Kasten, president of Los Angeles Dodgers, said that Tommy Lasorda had such an uncommon spirit. His team spirit had made the Dodgers a celebrated franchise, and the legend had proven that people call him legend not for no reason.

He was such a baseball endorser. Lasorda gave his lifelong dedication to the baseball fraternity and the Dodgers team.

The Baseball community, his team Los Angeles Dodgers and all fans will miss his presence. Fans will remember him forever as Kasten added.

Lasorda was a pitchman and was very popular in the ’90s. He made his presence felt not only in baseball, but he also appeared in TV commercials of Slim Fast, a very popular brand.