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Kevin Greene, Hall of Famer, ex Pittsburgh Steelers, died at 58 on Monday.

The pass-rushing legend had played with Pittsburgh Steelers, the Rams, Panthers, and 49ers in his 15 NFL season career. The quarterback master had 160 sacks. He retired in 1999.

Greene went on to become an outside linebackers coach for the Green Bay Packers. He won a super bowl in 2010 as a coach with the Packers.

Greene won the Zeke Smith award as he was the Defensive Player of the year in 1984. He was at Auburn University and had an impeccable college career.

Kevin Greene was in the All-Decade Team of the 1990s and honored with the Hall of Fame in 2016. Pittsburgh Steelers in 2017 included him in their Hall of Honor class.

Hall of Fame CEO extends his prayers to Greene’s family

David Baker, CEO and President of Hall of Fame said that the Hall of Fame’s Pro football fraternity grieves Kevin Greene’s death. He lost a friend, and the world lost a legend. David said that Greene’s determinant attitude towards his sports and life. The greatness makes Kevin Greene a rightful Hall of Famer.

Baker extends his prayers to Greene’s wife Tara and the whole of the deceased’s family. Kevin Greene always will inspire the generations to come. The flag of Hall of Fame statuses at half staff remembering Kevin Greene.

Record quarterback sacks in the name of Kevin Greene

Greene played for the Rams for eight years with a successful run. But in Canton, he represented Pittsburgh. However, he played only three seasons for them after signing in to the team in 1993 as a free agent. He achieved 139 quarterback sacks during those three years with the Pittsburgh Steelers. That was the highest in any NFL season.

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The quarterback legend had 14 sacks in the NFL,1994. Pittsburgh Steelers took the AFC championship game 1995 with Kevin. Though tough fight from Emmott Smith led the Dallas Cowboys in the Super Bowl XXX, Greene and his team held the opposition to the rushing of 49 yards and 64 yards only in the second half.

The defensive football game of Kevin Greene

One of NFL documentaries showed Greene saying that he had a special love for defensive football. People loved Mean Joe Greene and Jack Lambert’s football and their kind of ferocious playing. Kevin felt playing with that amount of energy in the Steelers was just heaven. Pittsburgh fans found Kevin’s approach as the legacy of the Steelers.

Hall of Famer and the Steeler’s coach Bill Cowher said that Greene was such a hard-working player. His long flowing hair also garnered a separate fan base.

Kevin Greene played for the Panthers

Kevin Greene scores 14.5 sacks in 1996 while playing for the Panthers. In the inaugural season, the Panthers went on with 7-9. The Panthers defeated the Cowboys with a score of 26-17. But they lose to the Packers ultimately in the NFC game. His journey with the Packers was remarkable too.

Greene’s journey with the 49ers

He appeared for the fourth time consecutively for the 49ers in the conference game. In one season, the legend pass rusher scored 10.5 sacks in San Fransisco. He scored 15 sacks with the Panthers and 12 sacks as well in his last two seasons. Then he retired following the year 1999.

Kevin Greene outside linebackers coach to the Packers

Greene took a gap of 10 years before taking up an outside linebacker coach for the Packers in 2009. Green Bay Packers picked Clay Matthews in that year also. Clay achieved four Bowls under the training of Kevin Greene over five seasons. He got All-Pro next year in 2010. Greene won Super Bowls for the first time then. Packers beat down the Steelers with Matthews tremendous force fumble in the tournament Super Bowl XLV with 31-25.

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Greene said that he found the beat to the Steelers was a mixed experienced both bitter and sweet. But he ultimately did it for his only super bowl ring. He felt so much satisfaction being a coach.

Matthews said that Kevin Greene had the same charisma as a coach as he had a player. Greene contributed a lot to Matthews’s success, and to him, Greene meant more than just a coach.

Greene had every ability to become a fine player from college days

Matthews and Greene both played in college. Greene was a punter at Auburn University before joining the college team. He left a good impression in the off-season in 1984 to Pay Dye, coach, back in the day.

Dyed walked down memory lane and said that he noticed Kevin was practicing on a cold day in January. He was toping every race. Then coach Dye thought that from where this Greek god-like figure player came.

Kevin Greene had every ability and skill possible. His attitude was full of retribution. He stands out from other players because he played using his whole body in a game, making him a versatile player.

Bo Jackson and Kevin Greene won the SEC title that fall season. Bo later won the Heisman Trophy. They gave leadership to the team Tigers in success. After Kevin’s success, the Rams picked him in 1985. Greene led the Rams in four postseasons over five years, winning the two of NFC championships’ routine.

A full circle of life for Kevin Greene in 2016, winning Hall of Fame

Kevin Greene joined the legacy of the greatest athletes in Canton, Ohio. He said that any player should call it a day after his passion gets exhausted. He should quit maintaining his own terms.

Kevin Greene said that one must develop friendships, enjoy the fun, entertain people, defeat people with the teammates, and cherish your time after retirement to give to the children and family.


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