Red sox: Boston should trade mookie betts this time
Red sox: Boston should trade mookie betts this time

Mookie Betts commercial rumors reveal possible parents offer for Red Sox star

San Diego Padres have continued to be interested in exchanging with Mookie Betts and, according to San Diego Union-Tribune Kevin Assy, has reportedly developed a package to offer to the Boston Red Sox.

The team will send Will Youngers as well as two young Major League players and all-star prospects. Major league level options include a gardener between Manuel Margot and Josh Neylar and a starter between Calcutrilu and Joe Ilchesi.

Still, organizations believe that changing this type of contract is “negligible.”

Robbery may be the money Myers is owing. His contract has three years remaining at $ 22.5 million per season. According to reports, the Red Sox underwrites half of its salary, but the father does not want Acee to pay more than a quarter of the remaining money.

Red sox: Boston should trade Mookie Betts this time

A bidding war between other teams, including the Los Angeles Dodgers, may also remove Padres from the market.

The team has many offers in exchange, besides Myers, which has 87 home runs in the last four years.

The 26-year-old Lucchesi is the most tested player of the remaining options, hitting 4.18 ERA with 30 starts last year and 158 strikeouts with 163.2 innings. Quantrill (24), while splitting the time as a starter and a liver, had an ERA of 6-8 at 5.16, but was significantly promoted by minors.

Margot, 25, is another centerfield defender but is having trouble as a batter during the .234 batting last season. Nayler hit .249 with eight home runs in the limited game time last season.

San Diego also has one of the major agricultural systems in baseball, with five players listed in the top 60 of the rankings.

Still, this may not be enough to match the power of a Betz star who has already won the MVP award, four appearances in all-star games, and four Gold Globes at the age of 27. The right fielder is one of the best athletes in sports, and only one year remains in his contract, not cheap.