Denver Broncos
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General Manager of the Denver Broncos John Elway tested Covid-19 positive on Tuesday. He is 60 years old now. Former American quarterback footballer is holding the position of CEO jointly with Joe Ellis.

John Elway in isolation working from home

Broncos issued a statement saying that he was with symptoms on Sunday morning and discussed his ill feelings to the team’s doctors. He didn’t attend Sunday’s match as a safety measure and watched it on T.V.

The NFL legend took work from home even before getting the Covid-19 positive result.

Joe Ellis and John Elway are stable with mild symptoms of Covid-19

The team’s both executives are under Covid-19 protocol prescribed by the team. They are not socializing with team members at all.

John Elway and Joe Ellis have a stable condition with mild symptoms. They were coordinating all the work with the team via video calls and placed themselves into quarantine. Doctors are continually monitoring their health.

CEOs of Denver Broncos may have got the virus from outside the team

According to Ellis and John think that they may have contracted the Coronavirus, not from the team.

They hardly have come to close with other players and coaches. The team members who had an encounter with them got a notice for isolation.

Team suffering from the virus from last week as its lineman and D-coordinator tested positive

Graham Glasgow, the Broncos lineman, came under Covid-19 protocol part week. The team had to cancel their practice session once his Covid-19 positive result came in on Friday.

Ed Donatell who the defensive coordinator of broncos contracted with the virus last weekend. The team did not get him as a coach for the L.A. Chargers have on Sunday.

We hope they get well soon and get back to working quickly after full recovery.