Sadio Mane tests positive of coronavirus, currently in self-isolation

Liverpool forward player Sadio Mane tests positive of coronavirus. He is currently under self-isolation and recovering from the disease.

Sadio Mane tests positive

The news of him testing positive came three days after Thiago Alcantara got positive reports of COVID-19. The midfielder is also in quarantine and recovering from the disease.

According to Liverpool, symptoms in Mane are not serious. His health is alright but he needs to stay alone not to spread the virus.

On September 28, Sadio Mane played for the Reds and won over Arsenal with 3-1. However, he wasn’t present in the squad for EFL Cup due to penalties by Gunners.

The website of Liverpool shared that after Thiago Alcantara tested positive, the team will continue following coronavirus protocols. Mane is in self-isolation till his tests come negative.

Mane scored 3 goals for the Anfield club this season. Sadly, he couldn’t play the Premier League that happened on October 4. The next game of the club is scheduled for October 17.

Previously, the Premier League authorities revealed that 10 people tested positive for COVID-19 in their last round of testing. It was the highest number of cases till they started the league this season.

Several players have been testing positive for the virus as games have gone back to continue regular seasons. We hope the players recover soon with no side effects.