rudy gets roasted
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Rudy Gobert gets roasted, shares wrong post in twitter

Rudy Gobert gets roasted again on Saturday night when he shared a wrong Facebook post from some random woman named Serena Williams, assuming it was the famous tennis star.

rudy gets roasted
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Rudy gets roasted!

The post Ruby shared was a political post. In that post the lady talked about her own belief and views, “I am sick of covid-19. I am sick of black vs white. I am sick of Democratic vs Republicans.” She spoke about those mean people, “I am sick of the nosey ass people who call the cops when anyone does anything they don’t approve of.”

Focusing on the concept of minding our own business she wrote, “we’re one race – the human race. You want to support President Trump? You do you. It’s your choice. You want to support Biden? Fine… also your choice! You want to believe in God? ok, believe in God. You want to believe in magical creatures that fly around and sprinkle fairy dust to make life better? Awesome… you do you.

Focusing mind our own business concept she said, ” BUT stop thirsting your beliefs on others & not being able to deal with the fact that they don’t have the same exact mind set as you. Having our own mind is what makes us all individual and beautiful. If you cant handle the fact that you may have a friend that has opposing views as you, then you are not any better than the bigots and the racists. I don’t ave to agree with everything you believe to be a decent human being & your friend”.

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Hence, the post was all about asking people to mind their own business when it comes to politics and racism. It was also a sort of oppositional post. she opposed in many ways the messages shared by the Jazz organisation, that ask people to speak against attacks towards the black community. without even thinking for ones that why would Serena Williams post such a message, he immediately shared the post with a caption, “couldn’t have said it better myself“.

check out the video on how Rudy got roasted 

Earlier in this year Rudy Gobert came into the highlight because of his statements regarding Coronavirus. He was the first NBA player to test positive for the coronavirus but while sharing his experience one of his statements made him getting trolled in the media. He shared a video where he said, “Hey, what’s up everyone? It’s Rudy Gobert. Just wanted to give you guys a little update. I’m going to start by saying thank you to all of the people that have been supportive and for all the positive energy. It really means a lot.”

Rudy did not forget to mention,”As you may already know, I just want to make sure to remind you guys to keep washing your hands frequently with soap and water. Try to avoid touching your face, your nose, your eyes, and, of course, try to avoid making any unnecessary contact with people.It’s all about protecting yourself and the people around you. I wish I would have taken this thing more seriously and I hope everyone else is going to do so, because we can do it together. Take care and stay safe. But by saying, “I wish I would have taken this thing more seriously” he made him a topic of meme himself!

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Admitting his careless attitude towards this pandemic scenario made him the LimeLight of trolling. 

Again this time his careless mistakes made him get roasted.

Social Media Jokes!

Let’s take a look on what people commented: 

“Lol I cannot believe Rudy Gobert found ANOTHER way to piss Donovan off.It was a good run guys”. – MarkRussell Pereira

“Rudy gobert continues to take L’s lmao.” -Eric “Wang” Huang

“Counterpoint Rudy might just trying to steal Justin’s girl”. – JJ Redick

Rudy Gobert a clown dog lmao -Kelvin Henry Jr.

He later realised that it was not that famous 23 times Grand Slam winning tennis star Serena Williams. He then deleted the post and that confirmed his stupidity!