Skipper for West Indies, Kieron Pollard, said that the series with India was a learning curve. They wish to perform well against Australia in the coming year.

In the post-match presentation ceremony, Pollard said that the team faltered and they are still work in progress. West Indies lost to India by 67 runs in T20 Internationals.

KL Rahul came out with flying colors. He scored the banging 91 runs in 56 balls. He shared the 135 runs with Rohit Sharma who scored 71 runs. Skipper Virat Kohli was also not behind his performance. He scored 70 runs in 29 balls. The score for India was 240/3.

In reply to India’s batting, West Indies scored 173/8. West Indies had won the second round with Kieron’s 68 runs in 39 balls. They won it after losing the first.

Regarding the runs, Pollard said that scoring 240 runs was not unrealistic. West Indies could have scored it. The competence of the team should not be questioned.

To support his argument, Pollard brought forward the scores from before. He said that the team had scored 220 runs in 2016 and 230 runs against South Africa.

Disappointed but we look to move on from here: Pollard after series defeat against India
Disappointed but we look to move on from here: Pollard after series defeat against India

He further said that KL Rahul and Rohit Sharma took their time in the beginning and exploded with a big bang. Even after the loss of the match, West Indies still has a positive outlook.

Kieron said that Washly and Williams bowled well. When Evin was declared out, that was when there was pressure and the team and they had put in all their efforts to perform well.

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Pollard says that the team is still finding its footing and there is still a lot of room for improvement. On his analysis of the game, Kieron said that West Indies got back in the game when they scored a couple of wickets against India.

In conclusion, he said that the team is disappointed. There are emerging players who are coming through the ranks. He said that the will strive hard every day. The team has a positive attitude and says that they still have three ODIs to play.


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