For Rohit Sharma, hitting the ball in air isn't a wrong doing
For Rohit Sharma, hitting the ball in air isn't a wrong doing

It is not for anything that Rohit Sharma is recalled as the “Hitman” in cricketing scenarios. And one of the hugest reasons for his success tale in international cricket is the way in which he accelerates his innings. He acquires his moment to settle down but once he has discovered his rhythm, Rohit seamlessly switches gears and tears harms apart.

The Mumbaikar, who has acquired three double hundreds in One-Day Internationals, realized that during his establishing days if batsmen went through aerial shots, they would be inquired by coaches to vacate the nets. And Rohit experienced that attitude was incorrect.

“There is no problem with playing Big shots. Nothing incorrect trying to fiddle a flamboyant cover drive. I recall when I was growing up and fiddled shots in the air, we were acquired out of the nets. I believe that was not correct. At the last of the day, results are crucial,” Rohit said post communicating with young trainees at the Rohit Sharma-Crickingdom Cricket Academy at Marine Drive’s Islam Gymkhana on Thursday. Rohit believed that youngsters want to fiddle their shots and appear good while attempting those beautiful strokes.

For Rohit Sharma, hitting the ball in the air isn’t a wrongdoing

“If someone is providing results by playing huge shots, so be it. There is nothing incorrect in that. As a young child, growing up in this era, you want to fiddle shots. You want to appear good while batting. But the crucial thing is how the kids go about their game. They should have an understanding regarding their game,” the man who struck a record five centuries in the 2019 World cup, figured out.

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Rohit also focused upon the fact that players should be thoughtful about the mistakes they establish. “If the player is repeating the problems, he needs to be informed of how he should go about things the upcoming time around. I imply playing shots is not a problem, after all.”

Rohit, who has possessed a phenomenal year (2019), where he acquired 10 international centuries, experienced that for the youngsters to experience confident about their game, they should acquire all the possible backing important.


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