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Do you like football? A football lover always has a crush on some NBA player. Don’t you agree? I am a big fan of football players. Like everyone else, I am Paul George’s huge fan. For those who do not know Paul George. Let us explore some quick facts about Paul and his partner, Daniela Rajic.

Paul Geoge was born Paul Clifton Anthony George. He won the NBA-all star title seven times. His nickname is PG13. There is much more to discuss, Paul. However, it is a story for another day. Today, we are going to discuss his partner, Daniela Rajic. We will explore the facts about her, like Who is she exactly? What she was before meeting Paul? and much more.

Let us begin!

Spotlight on Daniela Rajic!

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The spotlight fell on Rajic when she became the partner of the famous NBA player Paul George. Moreover, Her association with Paul proved lucky for her. I mean, who doesn’t want to be the centre of attraction? After meeting Paul, Rajic became a popular media personality. For your wonder, they both are living a happy life! Also, They even have a daughter together, Olivia George. Born in 2014, Olivia is only seven years old.

Enough about the family! That is something to discuss later in this article. 

The main topic of this section is the background story of Daniela and Paul. How did they meet? Who was Daniela Rajic before meeting Paul?

Those who are not aware of Rajic’s lifestyle before Paul, Rajic was a stripper and a dancer. She used to carry out her profession at Tootsies. According to the sources, this is where she met Paul. They dated secretly for a short time. Things got a little intense when she got pregnant with Paul’ child. It was all over the news! People were even saying it’s Rajic’s stunt to attract the media’s attention. The cherry on the cake was when George denied taking any responsibility for the child. He was head over heels to convince Daniela of an abortion. However, Daniela was hellbent on her decision to bring the baby into this world. It was a difficult time for Daniela. Therefore, in the end, Paul agreed with Daniela and baby Olivia was brought into this world with a mutual decision. 

Paul and Rajic’s relationship has gone through several ups and downs. They broke up twice. But just like other couples, they always get back together. Also, Daniela is no ordinary woman now. She owns a swimwear line along with Paul’s co-player.

General Facts: Height, weight and general info.

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To begin with, Daniela Rajic is well-known for her good looks and maintained body. She has a voluptuous body one can die for. According to Rajic’s, the mantra for the best body is a strict diet and regular exercise. She believes discipline is the key to progress. Let us find out more about her body and other general info!

Daniela is going to be 30 on 12 November. Born in 1990, New York, she always cherished her childhood. Rajic is quite tall with a curvy figure. She is 5″ 7′ tall and weighs only 67 kgs. Daniels has lots of fans who admire her beautiful Hazel eyes and smile.

Always a fan of shoes, Rajic has a big shoe wardrobe with varieties of brands. Her body measurements are 40(bust size), 27(waist size),38(Hips size). 

Daniela Rajic: Educational and Family background:-

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There is no doubt when we say Daniela has been through a lot during her pregnancy. Though, She is very secretive about her personal life, we have very little information about this NBA player’s girlfriend.

Queens, NY is where she was born and brought up. N.Y. is in her blood. We do not have much to add when it comes to her education and family background. All we know is that she studied in a local New York High school. She also has a sibling, Kristina Rajic.

As of now, Rajic is an Instagram star, businesswoman, amazing dancer, former stripper and model.

She has beautiful brown hair with amazing facial features.

She is Secretive, determined, honest, brave and beautiful. All these traits make her a real Scorpion female. She believes in God and is a Christian. Rajic, along with Paul, is blessed with two beautiful daughters: Olivia and Natasha George.

Daniela Rajic: Net Worth

Daniela has always been ambitious and determined, just like a real Scorpio. These two traits of Rajic led her to start a swimwear line. Also, She puts her mind and soul at what she does. Through her stripping, modelling, business and social media, Daniela has made a wealth of thousands of dollars. Currently, her noted net worth is the U.S. $5 million.

I hope by now, we get everything we need to know about Daniela and her personal life. 

Now, it is time to shed some spotlight on Daniela’s partner and most popular NBA player.

Some quick facts about Paul George!

  1. Thanks to God! Paul George is a father of two beautiful daughters now. 
  2. Paul Clifton Anthony George was born on 2 May 1990. He’s one of the most popular professional basketball players. He is part of the National Basketball Association (NBA) and has the nickname PG13.
  3. This player belongs to L.A. County, one of the most populous counties in the state of California. He was very natural at sports since childhood. He comes from an athletic family. Both her sisters were very good at their respective sports.
  4. Kobe bean Bryant was his inspiration when he decided to become a basketball player. His hard work and determination won him an NBA All-Star seven times. Paul is a member of the All-NBA team six times and the defensive team four times.
  5. His motivation to play basketball begins in high school. He played three years in high school under the supervision of Tom Hegre, his coach.

More about Paul!

  1. Daniela’s husband is not a common man at all. Also, He attended California State University and played for two years for Fresno state.
  2. Paul has always been a competitive player. Moreover, He is playing on behalf of the L.A. Clippers these days. Also, He joined this Los Angeles team in 2019 and is still a part of the team.
  3. Paul began his NBA journey in 2010. Furthermore, he played with some of the famous NBA players like Jrue Holiday, Klay Thompson and many more.
  4. An American magazine about Sports admitted him to the list of most entertaining basketball players. Furthermore, Paul rose to fame in 2013 and was even called the improved player of the year.
  5. Unfortunately, George did not attend Spain held FIBA world cup 2014. In addition, The following year, Paul had a terrible incident and injured his leg seriously.
  6. However, Paul made a comeback in the 2016 Rio Olympics. Also,He brought the gold medal and made his country proud.
  7. Many big brands for example,Nike, Papa John’s, Gatorade etc. Signed him for endorsements. Moreover, Several are in line to sign the player.

George’s Net worth and salary

Daniela Rajic
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This is all about Rajic’s Husband. Just like her husband, she is also a social media personality. However, Despite all her struggles in the past, they are living as a happy family with their daughters. I forgot to mention an important topic in the above section: Paul George Net worth and salary

According to the latest internet news, Paul George’s salary is the approx U.S. $3.55 crores. Also, his net worth is $90 million. But that’s not it. He has currently extended his contract for four years with the L.A. clippers. Therefore, they are going to give him $190 million for the deal. On top of it, they agreed to pay him $35.4 million for the first two years.

Rajic, along with her husband, is currently residing in a big mansion in California. Moreover, According to the sources, the villa is worth $2 million, which I believe is enough to live a lavish lifestyle. Also, He recently got a Land Rover as a birthday gift from Paul. They may not have walked down the aisle yet, but it seems that they complete each other. Also, Daniela charges thousands of dollars for a single shoot or post over social media.


In the end, I hope you like this article about the former model, dancer, a former stripper and businesswoman Daniela Rajic. Moreover, we did share what little information we had regarding Daniela’s family and her sister. However, she never revealed anything about her educational background. Also, She is not an oversharing person, which we do respect. I hope this article about the Instagram personality was worth your time. Thank you for reading. Take care and be safe!