Ovechkin is the NHL's greatest goal scorer ever
Ovechkin is the NHL's greatest goal scorer ever

Is Alex Ovechkin the top scorer of the NHL?

This is a reused round table from October 2018, with updated responses from the team as Ovechkin approaches its 700 targets.

Washington Capitals has been officially bound by the 700 watches of Alex Ovechkin, a long-standing scoring legend. With 698 career goals today and 40 goals in the 2019-20 season, Ovi is the eighth largest in history.

The Ovechkin scoreboard started immediately, with two goals in his debut match on October 5, 2005. Along the way, he achieved 26 hat tricks and 40 goals for more than 10 seasons. And now the Russian end has won a run of 14 goals in the last nine games. We wonder if The Great 8 is already the best The scorer NHL has seen. That’s why we jump to the numbers and ask NHL experts from those who always consider them the best lamp writer.

Ovechkin is the NHL's greatest goal scorer ever
Ovechkin is the NHL’s greatest goal scorer ever

Who is the top scorer in the history of the NHL?

The main writer of the NHL, Greg Vysinsky: Yes, the best scorer in the history of the NHL is Ovechkin. The team has been defending their shots for more than a decade, but this is observable since it is practically unsustainable. This is quantifiable because Ovechkin has a professional goal of 698 at the age of 34. Without injuries, this is another season for Ovi with 50 goals. It is potentially a 60-goal season and has never been achieved by a player his age. Due to the greatness of Gretzky, his last season of 60 goals was 26 years. If Ovechkin reached 60 goals, he scored both Gartner (708) and Esposito (717) for the sixth time.

After Mario Remu loses his body and Juggle loses with the lockout and attractiveness of KHL wealth, someone records a Gretzky record, as long as he stays healthy and Russian machines rarely break. You have witnessed the best opportunity to crush. Now that Ovechkin has broken the Gretzky 894 goal record, that’s undeniable. He needs about 30 goals per season, with six more seasons. Whatever his last sum, Ovechkin has witnessed the reign of the top scorer of the NHL.